Zen Circus USA / Press

“These guys play a high energy rock and roll. One of Atlantas BEST!”

Quique Lopez - Creative Loafing

“Zen Circus is Original and they kick ass. I have never heard anyone like them . . . listen to them because they will blow your mind.”

Tommy Youdell - Zen Circus Guestbook

“Zen Circus is the real deal. Cant wait for online radio . . . so many shall soon become infected.”

Holly Dare - Zen Circus Guestbook

“Lovin the CD; its even better than I remembered it before. You got mad pipes bro and a sweet sense of melody. Just wanted to let you know I thought rocknroll was dead but now I know its still alive and kickin”

Chris Grant - Zen Circus Guestbook

“Zen Circus ROCKS!! Their sound is unique, but might be described as an amalgam of some of the well-known Seattle bands. Their lyrics smack of emotion and angst, and make you prick up your ears and listen. They meld so well...it is amazing to watch them play together. I HEART ZEN CIRCUS!!!”

Laura O. - Zen Circus Guestbook