“Zelazowa, Love Is Lunacy: smarter, sharper. The band focuses in on their target and hits directly. The highs and lows emotionally and dynamically show you just what this band is capable of.”

Wendy Rollins - Radio 104.5 FM DJ & Program Director - May 2011

“Love is Lunacy is a strong record, with great songs and performances — and it was recorded and mixed really well too. The kicker is how they have woven some of their musical influences through the record while keeping the sound fresh and exciting. It’s a record that you can listen to and discover a new layer with each spin.”

Matt Agoglia - Masterdisk Mastering Engineer - April 2011

"Love Is Lunacy" is truly one of those albums that I enjoy more with each listen. Zelazowa is one of the most unique and original bands around. This album showcases their strengths as musicians and songwriters--it's full of great, catchy songs. This is already one of my favorite albums of 2011. Plus they're a fantastic live band (and nice guys too).

Mark Rogers - 93.7 FM WSTW Hometown Heroes DJ - May 2011

“The Zelazowa record was one of the best experiences I have had in 22 years of doing this. The guys were professional in every aspect of the process and the material was a blast to work on.”

Steven LaFashia - "Love is Lunacy" recording & mix engineer & co-producer