ZeeDiva Rockstar / Press

“D!vA SwAg Up^”

ZeeDiva Musik




Rockstar Divas

"First Lady"


“WANTED!! For being too damn Talented!!”

"Just Vibing to the music"

“They Got alot to talk about but what they gon' say next??”

“I'm Expensive cause I'm High”

“They Hating on me...I seperate them all cause they still debating on me...-Zee Diva Music-”

“Diva-Affiliated!! Middle Fingers to my Haters...Upcoming Unsigned First Lady on the Label. -Zee Diva Music-”

“They say that I'm evil cause I got fire in my eyes...I Set It Off like Jada Pinkett at the end I survive!! -Zee Diva Music-”

“They Hate, They Envy, They Jealous...They Acting Overdue!! -Zee Diva Music-”