Zeal Static / Press

“Buzzing Australian rapper Zeal Static is thrilled to unveil the official music video for his hit single “Fight My Battles”. The cinematic clip was directed by Glenn Triggs Of Dark Epic Media and shot in Melbourne City.”

““There is always a struggle between good and evil, obstacles and ambition, rich and poor, strength and weakness, love and hate, and that’s what ‘Fight My Battles’ is all about. It’s a constant battle between your inner self and the outer elements. At the end of the day you have to overcome your fears and weaknesses to overthrow those elements that’s holding you back to achieve victory,” the buzzing Australian rapper explains.”

“A truly eloquent individual, Zeal Static’s music is spreading really quick, from Australia to USA and Fiji.Being an independent artist, he is the definition of a true entrepreneur, while doing a 9-5 and being involved with hisfamily, Static still manages to squeeze in time for his music and come up with a banger.”

“Zeal Static’s story could be said to be something out of a hip hop movie, minus the gangster image, the bling, women and money, even though mainstream day rap promotes this way of life. Static is a thinker and all his lyrics talk about life and reality in general.”

“Zeal Static is an upcoming hip hop, rnb & rap artist/producer from Melbourne, Australia. Here is an interview of his with HipHopLead.com”