Zayd Malik / Press

“Time Machine...I'M LOVIN IT!”

Ms. N. Cooke

“Phenomenal Women is my favorite song”


“Oh my God, me and my girl couldn't get out of the car! We just kept listening to track after track, sitting in the parking lot! Your CD doesn't come out of the deck!”

J. Evans

“You got dat shit Z for real! You like the second coming of Pac! You got flow man, I aint even tryin' to gas U up; You dope man!”


"I like that DEFCON 4 shit! That's my favorite. Real political."

Crown King

"Time Machine is a wonderful song."

Sister Sabira

“I like everything on this album!”

Wayne Kee

“Bring it Back is DAT SHIT SON! Dats dat REAL ya feel me! Keep HIP HOP alive!”

G. Flava

“I'm loving the new CD! Keep making hits dude.”

K. Peterson

“The new album Time Machine is amazing! Dope beats, dope rhymes, great song composition and writing. An all around classic!”

a fan

"His music resonates within me"

Anonymous - anonymous

"Zayd Malik and DJ Skaz rocked 1013 last night! Dude freestyled for like 15 minutes straight, flawless! DJ Skaz was juggling beats and Zayd Malik was spittin off the top!"


"...Your performance was beyond all expectations and the audience's applause indicated their vast approval. Terrific is a mild word compared to your actual sharing..."

Dr.Chuck Davis - AADE

"...Zayd Malik draws the crowd in with his smooth raps, interacting with them and calling the audience to rap along."

Leslie Cunningham - TRIBES magazine

"..again, thank you for composing and performing such a meaningful rap. Best wishes for the future."

Champe A Revis Dir of Development - Durham's Center for Senior Life

“Zayd Malik the 3Dimensional Poet. What's not hot about this guy? Whether its rap and poetry or poetry and rap, we always feel him."”

Saddiq - quote

"Zayd is an amazing artist! I am always amazed at his ability to "freestyle" and rhyme off the top of his head. His sound and subject matter are mature enough to reach any listener."

Sadiyah Shakur-Saleem - Collage Dance Company Blog

"Voted Best Host 2005 NUSPA awards"


"Sounds like something that should be on the radio right now."

K. Watson - quote