Zarni / Press

“This is an artist that wears her heart on her sleeve. She examines life, relationships, marriage, divorce, sex…in short the album is light years ahead of most artists her age, who are by this time just getting their feet wet and discovering their own musical voice.”

Dave Weeks Radio 2.0 - Album Review

“Zarni’s voice is nearly perfect. At times a bit breathy, sometimes a bit thin-yet still tender. Mostly it’s strong and pitch perfect. ”

Dave Weeks Radio 2.0 - Album Review

“If Steely Dan and Sarah McLachlan had a child (which is somewhat impossible since Steely Dan is a band and not a person, but you get the idea) the result might well be Zarni de Wet. ”

Dave Weeks Radio 2.0 - Album Review

“Behind that fresh young face is an old soul guided by an emotional wisdom beyond her years.”

Chris Kocher - Press and Sun Bulletin

“Zarni has rare talent and her interpretation of music is stunningly soulful. She has such stage presence and very comfy on the keyboard. She just oozed class throughout her show and the crowd fell in love with her on the first key.”

Rustic Theatre South Africa

"In 32 years of the radio business, I have rarely heard a singer/songwriter with so much talent. Her music comes from her heart and a place beyond her years. Zarni is an original."

John Majhor Canadian Radio Broadcaster

“The Crust is this beautiful clean and jazzy piano. Played with flickering hands that flutter over the keys with melodies at a methamphetamine level of addiction. A level down at the Mantle you hit this unexpected edge to her music, like the notes are catching fire. A dash of punk bass, or distorted guitar, even a surprising grind of her otherwise flawless voice. Down even further is the Outer Core, where her exceptional voice meets with the music. This is where I assume her years of studying at Berklee come into play, her technical proficiency taking hands with the warmth of her voice and dancing together. Finally you reach the molten Inner Core, the emotional beating heart of Zarni’s artistic vessel. You could peel away everything above the Inner Core and you would still have something special and unique."”