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“Zaramela is a name you should probably be aware of but aren't yet. Unless you really stay up on the happenings on the ground floor of Chicago music, the name might be a bit foreign, but the seven piece collection has been plying their trade for a minute. Billed as a "Jazz, Soul, Rock and Hip-Hop" outfit, the band also acts as the current torch-bearers for a legacy that includes recent crossover acts like Kids These Days, The O'My's and the now-defunct Woo Park and here they team up with none other than Saba and TheseDays' favorite, Yakub Films who last stopped by with the premiere of TennisShoes "FeFe" video. Here, we get the lead single from the upcoming project, Realized which is due out on April 5. The project also packs some local star power with appearances from ProbCause and Eryn Allen Kane and will be celebrated with a show at Chop Shop three days later on April 8 with Anthony Pavel and Rebecca Brunner. We're honored to handle the premiere of this one and expect some big things”

“Joining the ranks of Chicago bands like Kids These Days and The O’My’s, Zaramela will likely be the jazz/hip-hop/rock/soul band to watch in the coming months. To show that they aren’t messing around, the group calls in Saba to contribute to their new song/visual drop titled “Equinox.” Be on the lookout for Zaramela’s debut project, Realized, coming next month.”

“Deli Magazines Emerging Artist 2014 is Zaramela”

“Zaramela to open for the legendary band Chicago April 30th and May 4th at the Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee.”

“Nothing is comparable to Zaramela in today’s musical arena. While most bands usually average around four members with the typical vocal-guitar-drum combination, Zaramela features seven members with a unique collection of instruments. The trumpet, saxophone and trombone add a totally different element to what is typically found in a band. Zaramela’s music cannot be categorized into one genre. Rather, they create a new genre in which each song can be easily trademarked as Zaramela.”

“Zaramela Talk origins and coming to Madison”

"Evidently, when they want to break loose they take to the studio and stage, to the benefit of all involved. What you get from Zaramela is a mature, sophisticated, up-beat sound that belies their age."

"This is a band full of good habits, like a strong Brass section,HipHop/Reggae/Rock Vocals, and strong drums, resulting in a very unique style."

“Check out LeeAnn Trotter interviewing Zaramela before the upcoming Unsigned Galena Music Festival where they are a headliner chosen from 40 bands. NBC News Chicago 8/22/13 "Horns are back!"”

“Zaramela is a seven-piece fusion group in the vein of KTD, but with their own distinct and admirable style. On stage they sound and look even bigger – I could've sworn there was something like 12 of them – perhaps this is due to the fact that they keep the audience on their toes. They reach from a grab-bag of genres, what they refer to as "musical gumbo," through sheer musicianship: their three horn players could be seen alternating between trumpet, trombone, alto, tenor and baritone saxes, and even their singer/rapper/emcee/cool guy could be seen sporting a trumpet mid-set. This affords Zaramela an impressive versatility in songs, which keeps things moving and, most importantly, keeps the crowd engaged.”

"Yfest was a great experience. We were so happy to raise some money for Erica's Lighthouse. The show rocked"

"Zaramela is about the music. We love performing and writing new songs. We're thankful we have some choices".

“Y Fest, We wanted to help. We had a great time. All the bands were great. We raised some money. It was cool.”