Zap Goes Pop! / Press

“Zap Goes Pop! is a vibrant Philadelphia band with a real-life couple, Erica Rose and Rob Speese, at its creative core. Their bold and exotic minor-key tonalities drive folk-inflected songs ranging from the rollicking to the melancholic and their sounds of yesteryear reverberating with echoes of the gypsy caravan, the carnival and the high seas. Rose’s evocative lyrics paint vivid pictures and tell engaging stories, replete with humor, social consciousness and satire, while Speese’s impressive chops shine, notwithstanding his seasoned restraint, above all on the guitar. Among ZGP!’s major influences are Tom Waits, HUMANWINE and the Steampunk movement. Not afraid to mix things, up, ZGP! delights in changes of tempo, time signature and key, as well as a rotating cast of instruments, deftly keeping things lively and interesting.”

Billy P

“When she is on stage, you feel what she feels.”

Chistine Stoddard - Quail Bell Magazine