Zana Messia / Press

“To pick a favorite song or at least one that stands out above the rest is simply impossible. Each tune is more alluring than the last, sung with a passion and conviction by an artist who obviously lives for her craft. Balkan Soul is an intriguingly diverse CD that is irresistibly dreamy, sultry and humbling to listen to. I highly recommend you get yourself a copy.”

“When you experience the combination of Messia’s tender vocals — sometimes sad and melancholy (with strings for added effect), sometimes upbeat – with the touch of traditional jazz (even ragtime, though very briefly), the contemporary vibe, and the whole Balkan aura (check out the accordion action, by the way), you will quickly agree that not only is this a rich, diverse project, but quite cleverly written and produced. ”

“Messia brings her vision/version of Balkan music to our world and seasons it much differently than a lot of other ethnic records of the same ilk have done. Cabaret leavened with belly dance lite bakes up into quite a heady, sexy session, at least it does in Messia's hands.”

“The strength of Balkan Soul lies largely in the match of Messia’s voice and strong lyrics. Messia weaves jazz and traditional music from her homeland, finding them a natural marriage because of the emotions that influenced their respective creations.”

“An etertaining and moving album in the same time, "Balkan Soul" will please those who are looking to hear a voice and a music beyond cliches and deja vu.”

“ Think really great female lounge/jazz vocalist with a touch of Tom Waits...on a world tour adapting the music to each culture along the way She along with the Balkan Soul Orchestra play some very addicting- not to mention really great-music. I love hearing hybrids of great music that I never have heard before, and this doesn't disappoint. This is truly a fine example of World Soul. ”

““Balkan is the new Jamaica””