Zak Ward / Press

“Singer-songwriter Zak Ward form Toledo, Ohio has a slightly hoarse voice that would have been at ease in a loud rock band. By going for melodic, country-tinged pop on his debut album This Wonderful Playground the inherent discrepancies give the songs an edge that would have been missing with a clean-cut set of pipes. Naming The Beatles as a key influence on his work is quite accurate, although the Fab Four never dabbled in Tex Mex tunings. Stand-out tracks: the tender Beautiful (with a vinyl crackle intro) and the ukulele driven Musicians Wife, a long distance love letter to his girl while being on the road. The icing on the cake is supplied by Waiting, with its old school organ and lush background vocals.”

““We are fans of music and that’s the thing that’s really coming out of this album, we are truly fans of music,” Ward said.”

“Favorite local venue: Beckett's in Bowling Green, Papa's Tavern, Tres Belle, Village Idiot, O'Brians in Bryan, and Alley Taproom in Clyde.”

“Zak Ward playing Acoustics for Autism”

“The lineup includes Flabongo Nation, Kyle White, Zak Ward, Jason Quick, Kristi Marie & The Dudes, Bulletproof Snow, and Jeff Tucker. ”

“The musicians also include The Eight-Fifteens. Pat Lewandowski, Calen Savidge, Brian Bocian, Zak Ward, Flabongo Nation and several others. DJ Sid will play between sets.”