ZAK1 / Press

"This is some good street/hood music. Zak1 flows like water, and unlike so many other up and coming hip hop artists out there, his rhymes are witty, contextual, and lyrically crafted. "

"I know Zak1 personally. I know he's been gettin it in for awhile man, gettin it in goin strong, goin hard with it."

"I really wish people would see talent in this rapper. Highly recommended."

"He started gaining notoriety and gaining street cred as one of the hottest producers and recorded artists in the California area."

"I truly consider this album one of the best projects of 2010 that I've heard so far." (on Zak1 & V-Boy's 2010 release "B-Boyz 2 D-Boyz")

"I look forward to hearing another album from Zak1 in the future as this mixtape and the previous stuff I heard of his are enjoyable. A nice mix of some gangster music and diverse lyrics and a solid flow, check homeboy"

"Get up on this man. Follow this man. Him and his crew, they doing it. They throwing these shows, bringing these top notch artists to the Bay and making it happen. Yall gotta get with this shit. If you dont know about it, now you do, so it's on you."

"He has an extensive collection of music and has been featured in over 200 songs."

"Creative with his words, relentless in his delivery, track after track Zak 1 remains to be a threat in the industry!"

Just Hits (of Royal Flush Production) - Email quote from Just Hits

"You're (Zak1) doin this ALL from a indie artist perspective. There ain't no big labels pushin Zak1. Zak1 IS the label."

"He has been stamping his footprints in the music industry."