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“Jamal Quezaire, aka Zaire, recently appeared on MTV's “RapFix Live”—the first Milwaukee artist to do so. He was immediately co-signed by DJ Khaled of Cash Money Records. What's new in the rap world? [In his best Tony Montana voice] Me, that's who! Also, technology. And not just for making music, either—getting music heard, too. You can reach anybody in the world now. Another new thing is not having a formula to "make it." Artists can be themselves. Before, you had to be hard, or a thug or whatever. Why do they call it “the game,” when nobody plays? Music is an industry, and a very profitable one. You have to have strategies and calculate moves—like a chess game. Have you heard the term "life is a game to be played"? Kinda like that. How was the MTV show? Great! A career boost—got the attention of a lot of industry people, and also upcoming artists wanting beats. Felt good getting the stamp of approval of somebody like DJ Khaled, and personally confirmed a lot of t”

“Zaire, a local college student, appeared on MTV’s Hip Hop show “Rap Fix Live” April 21. Zaire (whose actual name is Jamal Quezaire) says he’s a student at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and received the chance to debut his video, “Use Your Love” on the television show. Interviewed by Sway, a journalist for MTV, his video was critiqued by DJ Khaled during the “Get In The Game” segment. The segment allows new artists to have their videos played on MTV and receive advice from veterans in the music industry. According to Zaire, he received positive feedback. His segment was aired live and he was interviewed through Skype while other guests were in the MTV studio in New York. It was a struggle and grind just to get to that point (on MTV),” he said. “There were times when I wanted to give up, but this shows if you have faith and never stop, the hard work will pay off, I hope this inspires other people to never give up following their dreams”

“Here are some photos from the artist/producer Zaire from his upcoming video shoot/ tour with the mayweather live show and 316 productions.”

“Jamal Quezaire (aka Zaire pronounced Zi-ear) is an inspiring rap artist whose passion involves everything from rapping, producing, songwriting, and composing music. The broadcast journalism major is a senior from Detroit. He has a promising career already opening for well known rap artists such as Plies, Trina, Nas, and on June 13, Ice Cube. Zaire started writing rhymes at 12 and made beats at 14. “It was my outlet to express myself. My mom listened to Lenny Kravitz and her music is really diverse from Biggie to Jazz. Growing up I heard all genres of music; that’s why I come up with all kinds of sounds.” Zaire isn’t the typical rapper. His style is different from today’s radio and video airplay. ”