Zack Borer / Press

"...the man has passion. Each song, good or bad, is catapulted to a listenable realm because of his genuine enthusiasm for the piece..."

"Watch for Zack’s career to continue to skyrocket into the upper stratosphere of music."

"His song “That’s the Way” is preloaded on Google’s Nexus One, the latest Android smartphone"

" The place is packed and there are cute girls everywhere. Some are dancing, mouthing the words along with Zack as he sings. The crowd is into his brand of rock pop. And while there is some audience hold over from the show beforehand, make no mistake, they are all here for Zack."

"...if the right people gets their hand on Zack Borer, he will be very rich and famous and on Good Morning America and have teen girls weeping their hearts out just at the sight of him..."

"It has a major label sound and sound quality that even the pickiest audiophiles will enjoy...as a 25 year old dude who mostly likes rap music I found it to be one of the most enjoyable full albums that I have heard in a while"

"...an amazingly talented, unsigned, 25 year old artist out of New York City. It is impossible to listen to his song “That’s The Way” or any song of his for that matter, and not become an instant fan!"

Eardrum Krushez: A Blog for Music People

"...it is clear Borer is a powerful singer/songwriter. His accessibility is also a gift." At times sort of a single man’s version of Matchbox Twenty or Rusted Root, Borer has a natural, unforced earthy dynamic..

Short and Sweet NYC.com

“Multi instrumentalist Zack Borer’s laid back melodic style and superb voice are guaranteed to stir something within."”