Zach Pohl / Press

“Man, this guy is awesome! I saw him at some cool bar in Arlington. Everybody was chill and the music was perfect for the evening. Zach is a really great showman and kept a smile on everyone's face in the bar. It is sad that great bands that play really terrific meaningful music like ZSP are overshadowed by what is viral. Let's get some backbone, lose our impulse minded buy fingers and listen to some really good music that which you can empathize....real music! .”

"I sincerely love zach, his music, his album, and his honest talent. his live performances always showcase him as the special man that he is."

"Zach saw right through me, and I didn't even know he had until I heard it in one of his songs."

Deborah Driscoll, Songwriter & - Music Director of ArtLoveMagic

"Zach is no stranger to this here territory. As media reviews will attest, we're talking "growing legend material". Whether he occupies the stage alone, with a partner or the whole blazing band... Zach is always the COMPLETE PACKAGE! Telling compelling stories through his music, his songs with a message will make you think, something we need a whole lot more of these days."

“Take Lynyrd Skynyrd add a cup of Led Zeppelin, a splash of Townes Van Zandt, and just a pinch of Bob Marley to serve up a hot plate of the Zachary Scott Pohl Band.”

Carolyn C. - Photographer

"Zach is in a cosmically elite league, one that I as a songwriter look upon as a source of surreal light and inspiration. He listens intently, (even in his sleep) to eternal messages that reach into all of our lives, current, past and future. His words are simple Truths seeking those who, beneath the skin of private doubt, still believe in knowing themselves... they just have to commit."

Deborah Driscoll, Songwriter & - Music Director for ArtLoveMagic