“' "What it Takes" could be the song that launches a national career for Linley. It is the kind of trademark classic tune that epitomizes the musical style and voice of its artist, and sets the tone for potential future greatness. This song belongs on country radio now, and could very well do for Linley what "Amarillo Skies" did for Jason Aldean. '”

"Examiner highly recommends you jump onboard this train before it leaves the station. Linley is sure to become a household name like Zach Brown, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean and one of the future leaders in country music. His music will be heard in all Hilton Hotels beginning this fall."

" there’s really not a lot about Zach Linley that’s “dime a dozen” is there? Zeroing in on Linley himself and looking at some of his live clips, he’s obviously experienced at performing, producing and writing music, but its how the music is delivered (speaker to ear) that makes his stand out from other artists and bands...if you listen to the songs carefully the devil is in the details and the proof is in the picking. Perhaps that is why Linley is surging here on our radar screens in the first place."

"Zach Linley & The Rebel Daredevils are making serious waves on the local country scene with Linley's identifiable lyrics and The Rebel Daredevils' hot sound. The buzz is rather astounding."

"I would say "kick ass country rock" is the right phrase to to sum up this band in 4 words" -Mark Orstead ROCK & ROLL COWBOY PRODUCTIONS

““Zach Linley is the Garth Brooks of the new millenium. I can see him being a key player in the next era of country music. In addition to being a great vocalist and having tremendous musical talent, his song writing is phenomenal and far ahead of the game.” -Nyhl Henson, Co-Founder and former CEO of CMT Network”