Zach Broocke / Press

“With detectable tinges of Jason White, Mark Cohn, and David Gray, Zach Broocke storms ahead with a vibrant, resonant buzz, taking the rural, rugged, good and gritty, sand paper texture of Americana and combining it with the urban, lush, sonic and chewy swirls of pop. Sealing the deal with his classic Americana vocals, both coarse and friendly, this album rocks from start to finish with track after track of professionally-polished, meticulously-crafted songs for the urban cowboy, city slicker and inner cowgirl/boy in everyone.”


“Pay attention; We will be hearing more from Broocke in the future.”

Performing Songwriter Magazine

“Zach Broocke has the charisma and energy to front a band, and the voice/songwriting skills to back it up.”

Peter Mulvey (Singer/Songwriter)

“Zach's catchy Jackson Browne style songs and friendly stage vibe has been wooing audiences from New York to Cali.”


“Enjoy The Ride is just the kind of album folks these days crave. The songs are mostly laidback mid-tempo pop tracks with the central focus being Broocke's cool masculine vocals. Nothing but hummable smooth cuts here. Our favorites include "Enjoy The Ride," "Remember Me," "Dial Tone," and "Just Can't Wait."”

“Skating expertly among clear influence … but making every song his own, this CD is bursting with talented goodness.”


“Broocke is an old soul with a contemporary twist. [He] could break hearts with his melancholy swoon … yet he displays an edgier grit. The album contains earnest and bittersweet songs with hooks that follow you around for days.”

Performing Songwriter Magazine

"The quality is so consistent … that one would think the whole album was completed in one session without any retakes. Zach is an amazing visionary. He allows just enough balance between the emotions without compromising to any of them. Pure vocal butter …”

Independent Songwriter Magazine