Zach Bartholomew Music / Press

“Few and far between are the Artists that come through my venue, and get it!!!! The Zach Bartholomew Trio gets it..... A group that has massive musical talent, and understands what it means to work with a venue to create a "home base" as well as looking past themselves! A group that understands building a following in towns across the country! Kudos to you guys! It's a pleasure working with you! Can't wait till you're to big for my club!!!!!!!!”

Matt Turner - The Jazz Estate

“The jazz gentlemen of The Zach Bartholomew Trio were a delight to have onstage at The Velvet Note last night. From Oscar Peterson to Robert Glasper to their own compositions, they performed with grace, style, beauty and originality. Should you have the opportunity to hear them, run do not walk to get your seats--we look forward to having them back soon!!”

Tamara Fuller - Velvet Note Jazz Club

“With paragons such as Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett setting the template, it isn’t easy for young piano trios to distinguish themselves. But the Zach Bartholomew Trio are more than up to the challenge. On their debut CD, Out of This Town, 26-year-old pianist and composer Bartholomew displays a lyrical piano style that draws from iconic and modern influences alike.... Out of This Town is strong enough that “out of this country” may be in the cards.”

“I caught ZBT live a few months back, and knew immediately I was privy to something ‘new’. I can’t always put my finger on it - which, might be a good description for something new. Not to say you wont hear snatches of Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett or Brad Mehldau; but all three members of the group (particularly Bartholomew) have somehow allowed themselves to get right to themselves; and one knows at once upon listening that the experience is original and indeed, fresh.”

“The group's debut recording is an exercise in democratic creativity with its namesake leader, bassist Brandon Robertson and drummer Miles Bozeman each contributing original compositions..... The interplay between them reflects both empathy and individuality. ZBT demonstrates a refined appreciation of harmonic architecture and a nuanced expression of improvisation. The compositions combine good melodic hooks with erratic timing in an effective angular treatment of the tunes”

“The creative arrangement, and a CD cover photo of the three walking along railroad tracks, are both emblematic of a young trio that's clearly going places.”

"I had the pleasure of hearing a wonderful young piano player named Zach Bartholomew a few days ago. I was very impressed by his creativity and passion. If you ever see the name, make a point of going to see him because he will blow you away with his talent."

"It would be easy to pull up many reviews as to the sheer talent level of ZBT, but if you are responsible for booking events the key you will want to know is they are absolute professionals. Perfect arrival time, great sets, perfect volume adjustments to room and crowd size, and quick responses to booking and time changes. If you are in charge of a major event or house bookings you have dozens of tasks and priorities to juggle. ZBT takes one of those off your list. They are an absolutely great jazz trio that is run like a professional company, I cannot recommend them highly enough."

"They are young, refreshing, talented and passionate and all without ego…their love, dedication and seriousness for their music emanates through their eclectic presentation. Their performance is captivating, stirring a blend of Traditional, Classical and Original Pieces. Although young in years their musicianship is that of old souls and their professionalism is that representative of old school rules. Their entire persona is of a professional nature, respectful of establishment rules and requests, timely, conscientious of their audience and sharp looking in dress attire."

"Speaking to the contemporary styles of today, the Zach Bartholomew Trio aims at continuing traditions while putting their own stamp on the sound they have come to love...Anyone looking for some authentic jazz should check out these cool cats from Seminole country at a local venue around town. For more information, visit zbjazz.com."

"The Zach Bartholomew Trio was spectacular and set a light and lively tone for the event. After hearing them play, I have booked the Zach Bartholomew Trio for two upcoming events for the University and have recommended them to others. They play a large range of musical styles which would make me comfortable booking them for a variety of events: from a corporate lunch to black tie galas. I highly recommend hiring this talented group of musicians for your event."

"The gentlemen of The Zach Bartholomew Trio were a pleasure to work with; professional, charming and extremely talented. I’m looking forward to working with them again in the near future. I highly recommend The Zach Bartholomew Trio for any event you may be hosting."

"I can easily state that Zach provides an excellent experience for our members and guests each and every time. He consistently strives to exceed our expectations and respond with flexibility and optimism. There is always clear communication, which is supported by professional business ethics. It is a pleasure to partner with Zach and I am delighted to recommend him for future events."