YUNG WAX / Press

“The best artists are usually born naturals and Yung Wax is certainly a natural on the mic. Influenced by West Coast gangsta rap artists like Ice Cube and TuPac, the Arizona MC began his hip-hop journey over ten years. Since then, he has put his region on lock, had his music appear on countless of mixtapes and brought his label Natormade Entertainment to the indie limelight. With sharp wordplay and business wit, Yung Wax is naturally making all the right moves and, though he is surrounded by hungry like-minded individuals, there is No Home Training needed for the success he's received, as the title of his latest street album suggests. More than just a statement, No Home Training is a charismatic 18-track collection where Yung Wax naturally rides the grimy, sometimes club-swaggered, production all while keeping his street-oriented messages in tact. Of the many highlights are the extra lyrical "Izzm," the banger "Drank, Purp & Pillz," and the club smash "Afta Party."”