Trife & Jama Jawz / Press

““Im really liking the music u got going. U keep it real man thats wat its all about. U aren’t fake like a lot of the rappers these days. Keep up with that. Ive been bumpin your music lately and Ima continue to… Jus speakin the truth man your stuffs way better than like all the mainstream shit out these days. I can bump your shit n kick back to it and actually listen. Keep up with the realness, u gonna catch a break soon I feel it. Oklahoma gonna be on the map soon reppin that 918…””

R.I.S.K. - Myspace

“I grew at da bottom we don’t turn our cheek we socc em. I grew up wit trash dats why my kids are spoiled rotten…”


“Im tryna see the world wit my own eyez. i plan, plot, n strategize to profitize. We all wise in this street light getn by, too many homies dead n gone so we getn hi. & aint no love 4 a felon so i chose to grind, putn food in my child belly and my moma fine. Only God knows y i chose this life of crime... Expose these fake m#thaf@**z in this life of mine”

Yung Trife - Wit My Own Eyez

“I walk around wit my head down. They tellin me to keep my head up till they found out that I was broke, so they callin me worthless now…”


“As I meditate with my pen and pad. Wit da power of my mind, I can turn my room in to a lab. It’s hard not to want what you don’t have. If dat was a test, lord I know I didn’t pass. Fast cars and cash fast yes I want it. 16 bars and a lil faith were da key components …”


“I’m certified street, so reality is everything. Get me a job well how much money will it bring. Shit! You gotta be kiddin, u must live in fairy tales bitch I’m so thug livin…”


“Fresh out da jewelry shop wit da sun shinin off our nuggets, lookin good for the public, but were thinkin nothin of it. We just never really had it, now we get it, cuz we want it…”


“I know you tired of jama runnin wit da siccmade. I hear you talkin but it’s so hard for me to change. I want it all, but my gal is so outta range. I want a mill but my girl insists on me to change. Switch from da fast lane to da slow lane but da rain still drops on my window pane…”


“Dear lord, watch over me if I die on my hustle you can have my soul to keep. I know dis money bring trouble I got blood on my knees, I’m prayin feeling yo struggle tears rollin down my cheeks…”

Yung Trife - These Dayz

“Protect mine wit one 9, but im no hero. My homies grew wings .but I’m still stucc on ground zero. I see no evil, I just see my people I never turn my back, long as I breathe there’s a sequel…”


"These Dayz" sounds like a hit, keep doing what u do best.

(SWAGGA MOVEMENT) Damone Seven - Reverbnation

“I gotta blow to be a man of my words. If I didn’t then my life will be a waste dat I server. I roll herb just to calm my nerves. And she swears I gotta change just to be with her…”


“Hey im feelin your hustle and music. Keep up with your aspirations and you will definitely be successful. And thats real. The only way for an artist/musician to improve is get constructive criticism and advice from another shining artist/musician it only builds your ability”

Vernac - Reverbnation

“They told me dat gangsta rap was dead. They tried to tell me thug life was gone. They told us pacc our shit and move on, but we gave her life when they heard this song …”


“Mama why you cryin? She smiles and tells me nothin. Am I wrong if I ignore it when I know dats it’s somethin? Its money in dis music so ima keep on bustin...out late wit da homies and they swear it’s all for nothing…”


“Keep hatin, please keep hatin, you da reason I wrote this muthafukn song, they kept da realest waitin…”

Yung Trife - FU2

“Dis way or dat way don’t wana make a wrong turn. Learn as I go but at da same time my heart hurt... mind keep runnin , you runnin on my mind, ya my fames getin closer, but I’m runnin outa time …”

Yung Trife - I Surrender

“Heavy rain fallin down on my windshield, my wipers aint workin right now, main dis shits real. I’m blind of my destiny, ya can’t see, Should I take da freeway or da bak streets …?”

Yung Trife - I Surrender

“I look at my son and ask is that the innocent side of me? For him to have what I didn’t, is it right? Its gotta be. See daddys gotta dream, so did Martin Luther king, it came true. Pay precise attention to what persistency do…”

Yung Trife - These Dayz

“We tired of feeling like we aint getting the respect and the recognition we deserve, put us out there cuz we on some real shit...”

Yung Trife - Radio

“Runaway runaway, I’ll be damned if I let my only son, first born, see the same thing. I choose to put my gun away... And poise the power in this pen every second, every day until my peoples straight …”

Yung Trife - I Gotta Blow

“Mama still trippin bout da life I choose, all she knows its fast money, hoes, cars, and clothes. She say I need a haircut, but don’t give a fucc, mama what a fade gotta do with a million buccs…?”

Yung Trife - B4 Da Sun Goes Down

“Hat down eyes forward, mind on previous circumstances that robbed me of my humbleness and joy. Need I say more? Street lights trace through my peripheral, witness our soldiers fall but to war and battle’s habitual. A bitch l know, you see it on da news but I live it. Annual murder rates too high for my city. We live gritty but I still love all my niggas, shoot dice in da trenches bust our knuccles and yank triggaz…”

Yung Trife - Street Light

“I'm impressed”

Manuella - Reverbnation

“.....Music is Live..."FU2" Is live as hell. Keep /Shine N”

Jazzie J - Reverbnation

“Like the gritty flo! Beats are original and on point as well”

H.O.M.E.B.A.S.E. - Reverbnation

“Nice tracks fella's”

Smoove Noir - Reverbnation

“Love love love the music”

A.R.M.R. - Reverbnation


young dreadz - Reverbnation

“Michelle Renee can sing, beautifully! Oh my. You also have solid, clear rap voices, fun word play, and a great professional sound! Very best wishes!!”

Eric Heisman and the Formation - Reverbnation


SIKK WIT IT - Reverbnation

“keep doing ya thing ya tracks is fire playboy foreal”

Pettycokaboi goose - Reverbnation

“Yall Tuff cuz.”

Grief Nitti - Reverbnation

"I Gotta Blow": nice vocals by Michelle, good job!

Gate57 - Reverbnation

"I gotta blow" has deep meaning for all of us striving for the TOP! Great Anthem!

Mack Mirage - Reverbnation

“KiLLIN SHIT!!!!!!!!!”… “ Keep That up!!! That’s one of the hottest songs on reverb nation!!”… “I got to have the album!! Set the music game on Fire!!”

Temperature - Reverbnation

“I love it when Hip Hop artists sing in addition to rapping - you guys sound great!”

41 Miles - Reverbnation

"I Gotta Blow" goes Hard

3o6 ProductionS - Reverbnation