Yung Dreal / Press

“Dreal is finally done with his label situation with Universal. The rapper has been known for performing his hit "I'm On It" in numerous clubs from Florida to New York & has been featured on multiple Makin It Mag projects! He is back with his 2nd single off his upcoming mixtape. The record "Designer" is beginning to get spins in locals clubs & taking a wave of it's own!! Check it out & #NETWORK - See more at: http://www.makinitmag.com/updates/yungdreal/2015/10/yung-dreal-rockin-sum-designer.html#sthash.ZbpnOuTJ.dpuf”

“Yung Dreal is a known rapper that's represents Georgia & North Carolina. He has a new single out right now called "Im On It" that is attracting buzz through the south & on the east coast. The rapper has a strong passion for his music & will be not stop until he reaches the top. Dreal has always been down to make quality music with any artists who takes there art serious”

““People could not pronounce my first name so they called me Dre, but I was always known for keeping it real. So I just put the two together and you got Dreal. I decided to add 'yung' at the beginning and it has always stuck with me," says Yung Dreal.”