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"Oo$h RMX < -- this is a cut from Sessions : 3 that was produced by @104Rog he really came thru on the beat and it was one of our biggest songs of last year! Even scoring us a write up on the Seattle Times music blog. So it is with great satisfaction that we present the visuals with such a monumental song to the LakeHouse movement! Watch closely for hidden messages and rare settings that are no longer available to the human eye. *RIP Basket Case * " #splash

"I ran into Benadrill the other night while watching Nacho Picasso perform at Cowgirls Inc. in Pioneer Square (yeah…just let that last part percolate for a bit…) and he hipped me to his new video with Yung Dollas named “OOO$$H.” Even though I spend practically all day, every day, on a computer, I somehow missed it, but it’s all good because I’m posting it now! I actually hadn’t even heard this song before, and I like it. The beat is catchy and I can see myself listening to it while working out. Now that I’ve listened to it a couple times, “OOO$$H” is stuck in my head. Not the entire song, just the “OOO$$H” part. It’s definitely easier and more fun to say than to type, but you get the picture" Find Benadrill and Yung Dollas, and the rest of their Lakehouse Entertainment crew at lakehouselounge.com.

"Lake House includes Seattle skateboarders/rappers BenadriLL and Young Dolla$, and this song is the standout from the crew's freely downloadable compilation "Sessions: 3," featuring local rappers/producers Young TH (SOTA) and Tay Sean (Helladope). The title stands for the chorus: "lake house, brick house, trap house, cloud." It's a set of references to hanging out, hustling, and Tay Sean's crew, Cloud Nice. It's one of the more unweildy constructs in rap songwriting, the posse cut, but the Lake House crew & company pulls it off seemingly effortlessly on "lh bh th cl." Easy, breezy, beautiful. ” Andrew Matson - Seattle Times

Andrew Matson - Seattle Times

"Seattle rappers Yung Dolla$ and BenadriLL of Lake House Entertainment are primarily concerned with having sex and being fly on "Oosh." I like how they also just take up space on the track, ooh-ing and shush-ing with wordless energy."-Matson on Music- seattle times

Matson on Music- seattle times -

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