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"Yume, I am impressed by your voice and the quality of your tracks. You are very talented! Richard"

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“The Cit List The Face of Vancouver’s….Music Scene Yume Tabo, @YumeMusic Yume is a VanCity recording artist. Until recently, she was part of HMP music productions but has since branched out to work as an independent artist. Yume continues to create her own music, working with local producers and collaborating with fellow Vancouver talent. She has been in the entertainment industry since childhood but has been heavily pursuing her music career as of 2002. Her first big break came when performing at Queen Elizabeth Theatre to a live audience and to 2.5 million viewers”

“I love your music sister. You have a lot of soul. You must be from L.A? I am a fan! ”

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“Woohoo, Yume is releasing her CD soon! This photo shoot is mainly for her CD cover images. You can always listen to her songs over here. I love “Sing it On the Radio” the best! Thanks the following key people that helped with the photoshoot! We had such great fun! See…how gorgeous Yume is!”

“Just Slidin Thru Checcing Out Your Page ....Showing You Some Love An Support ...Sittin Here Listening 2 Your Music ...An Your Shit Is Banging ...Love What I'm Hearing ...Keep Doing Your Thang ...”

“I love your noise! It's simple and sweet! Dreamy and seriously entertaining! I officially love YUMEMUSIC! Aaaaah "Sing on the Radio" is stuck in my head! Thaaank you so much!!!!!! ”

“Top Headlines: YumeMusic: Support Japan. "B" Courageous: Support Japan event, March 29th, 2011 11am - 6pm Vancouver BC”

“YUME music....EEEUGGGGH (Rick Ross Voice) One of my favorite ladies in Vancouver. Ladies n Gents, the one, the only... The always Fab, Yume (pronounced YOU-MAY, which means Dream in Japanese) Thank you for your love and the always-awesome posts! Check out her latest on her BLOG and follow her if you aren’t already @yumemusic”

“Teresa is married to Yoshihiro Tabo and has one daughter, Yume Krystle. Teresa is a Sansei, the daughter of Yutaka Kobayashi, a Nisei, and Miyoko, an Issei born in Hiroshima. Her parents returned to Canada in 1955, as her family had repatriated to Japan after the war. Teresa performs under the name of Sho-ko-to Kobayashi Teresa. She acquired the Sho-ko- to Mastership title some years after receiving her teaching certificate.”