Yucca Rose / Press

“Sentimental Mood - Listen to the beautiful jazz-based music from the insanely talented Yukke Roswenda Rose aka Yucca Rose from Jakarta, Indonesia.”

“MOTION BLUE JAKARTA - three concert events with the successful Jakarta based band Major Seventh - well executed musicianship with a great range of musical expressions ... blends perfectly into the soothing sound of modern smooth jazz. The soft vocal of Yucca Rose gives a warm & sexy tone to the music.”

“Arkisound - Yucca Rose - a beautiful voice from Indonesia - enchanting her audiences with her deeply heartfelt and emotional performances.”

“FEATURED ARTIST FOR FEBRUARY 2013 YUCCA ROSE ---- Yukke Roswenda Rose, better known as Yucca Rose, is a leading Indonesian jazz vocalist and well respected contemporary painter from Malang in East Java, where she was born on June 21st, 1979. To further her musical career, she moved to Jakarta to study at Elfa Music Studio and Institute Musik Daya Indonesia - Over the last eight years, she performed with a wide variety of jazz bands and musicians, and recorded two albums with her Jakarta based band “Major Seventh” (published by Disc Tarra Indonesia). She is currently working on new songs for her upcoming first solo album Tree of Life (to be released in the Spring of 2013).”

“Yucca Rose is a talented musician who knows what good, classic Jazz tunes are made of. She interprets well-known, popular Jazz standards of yore flawlessly, without missing a beat. Jazz fans young and old will appreciate her versions of these records. Rose’s take on these classics stand up to the originals, and hopefully hers will stand the test of time as well.”

"YUCCA ROSE - THE MULTI-TALENTED AND VERY CREATIVE POWERHOUSE FROM JAKARTA, INDONESIA. Yucca Rose is a well versed JAZZ VOCALIST, an award winning CONTEMPORARY PAINTER, an amazing COSTUME AND SET DESIGNER and also a strong and beautiful THEATRICAL ACTRESS - very surprising, to see all this creative energy just bursting out of this very petite and adorable package."

“Yukke Roswenda Rose (Yucca Rose) - jazz singer and contemporary painter - One of the most inspiring women in Indonesia.”

“Having never received a full formal education as a painter may now be seen as a blessing, as she retained her natural and unspoiled naiveté – a colorful innocence and romantic purity. “Longing and belonging” are most appropriate key-words for most of her unique paintings, which are now more and more recognized - finding their way into collections worldwide.”

“The 2012 “Women of Indie” Artists – The best indie women from around the world - Yucca Rose received an honorable mention - Artists that are featured in tonight’s magazine issue should be held in the highest regard as they have the distinction of being recognized over Grammy award nominees & winners, Rolling Stone Magazine features, VH1 artists, MTV artists, and major festival headliners who did not get picked for this opportunity.”