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“Ysan Roche's album is delayed but will be available in stores the next weeks”

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“Ysan Roche partners up with Paramaxfilms”

“ From Bowie to Bjork, from Marilyn Manson to Madonna, the boundary breakers of modern pop culture have mastered the art of multiple pop personas, starting trend setting stylistic overhauls in a wake of excitement for fans and the media alike. Meet Ysan Roche, pop culture’s new heroine. Writer, singer, director, designer and entrepreneur, not so much breaking waves as riding a Tsumani through the doors of the archaic music business model. An elegant style icon who strives to cross borders. The borders of media. Of subcultures. Of disciplines. After all, why make music when you can make film? Why make film when you can make fashion? Why make fashion when you can make music? Why subscribe to an out of date business model when you can start a new one? Ysan does it all. And couldn't live without it. ”

Peter Bijiji - Ysan Roche -The Vagabondiva

“Ysan Roche Interview by Roisin Kelleher ”

“She is exotic, gorgeous, sexy, and one of the most talented young singer/song writers to come out of Europe. Her latest recording is Peacock Lady (YSAN ROCHE-PEACOCK LADY - YouTube): not only is it a highly charged erotic song of strutting independence, but it is accompanied by dazzlingly unique fashion-forward photos of Ysan Roche decked out in her own creations. She radiates beauty, edgy fashion, and a unique sense of creativity, setting her in an orbit entirely her own. She calls her style of singing Black Yellow Pop by which she means that she is yelling out her message in a low voice that's full of contrasts, brightness and darkness. Her music is an expression of often dark emotions that most people do not want to recognize; yet, Ysan not only faces her darkest impulses with clarity, she converts those impulses into positive forces for changing the way we live. She sings about taking control of our lives, of not being the political pawns of elite powers.”

“One of the most original singers performing today, Ysan Roche, has released a fiery new love song called Blind. While the singer is left blind by an absent lover, the light of his love continues to illuminate her starkly vibrant and erotic dreams. Ysan Roche sings with a gorgeous sense of eroticism that mesmerizes the listener, carrying one into the heart of her brightest and darkest dreams. Her phrasing is as remarkable as that of Edith Piaf and Diane Ross; yet, her style is entirely contemporary, making other female singers seem stuck in the past. Ms. Roche, who is not only a singer, but also a highly regarded fashion designer, is far more on the outer edges of what's happening in music than even such an iconic figure as Lady Gaga. Ysan Roche is far more exotic and is entirely her own person, creative, experimental, dazzling, and beautiful. ”