Your Ugly Sister / Press

“Show: DTF. Always love a 3 piece band that can make a lot of noise. Steve Irwin said things like “This one’s called ‘Snowy Cocaine’” and the crowd would cheer as he played the intro. I think every song had drugs (and sometimes a pun) in the title. Notes: I want to start a band with this guy even if he just made fun of/hurt me the entire time.”

“Your Ugly Sister's sound is chock full of fuzzy, trashy slacker appeal. "Waiting to Wake Up", a song they released last month on their bandcamp page is a prime example...tt's got a funky, laid back beat that skips along underneath fuzzed-out guitars and reverberating vocals. Its the perfect music for smoking weed and watching the sun go down at the beach.”

“Laguna Beach “Your Ugly Sister” has laid down two tracks that are a soup of garage, punk, and a splash of thrash. Their music is the kind of mixed drink you enjoy while watching the sunrise in a beach after a night of partying. Their single “Slaves” is in the same territory laid down by bands like Question Mark and The Mysterians and Blue Cheer. Kevin Nichols’ vocals are smothered in reverb and echo. It sounds like it came out of a strange dream. The fuzzy guitar tone is a soul of the sixties trying to escape. When you hear this song, you are entering a cosmic shoebox into the past. They are moments where you lose yourself under its heavy spell. The drum section in the verse is pretty driven and the chorus is a grim reality. This music is really beautifully sour. The guitarist lets out a final screaming solo in the end.”

“Lolipop is smart enough to front load their compilation with the best tracks, starting with a grungey garage tune from interesting trio Your Ugly Sister. The woozy riff from “Slaves” would still be ringing in my ears except then Adult Book’s “Bedsit Infamies” — the best track here, bar none—blazed out of nowhere and set my head spinning (it’s still spinning.)”

“Psycho garage gang strikes again with new single Bloodlust Blues, from upcoming album "Slaves"!”

“Laguna Beach (CA) has two really sweet things. A spectacular basketball court right on the beach and Your Ugly Sister.”

“Your Ugly Sister consists of three guys from Laguna Beach, California. I’m not gonna lie, they are definitely younger than your average band. However, their youth means nothing, and in fact only makes them more interesting, influencing their carefree style in ways you don’t typically see. Your Ugly Sister recorded their first legitimate release, “SWANS”, at lolipop records awhile back, posted it on bandcamp yesterday, and are keeping us waiting for those cassettes until March 24th. Sand in your shoes, sun in your eyes. Drenched melodies, careless vibe. Rebellion, running from expectations. Partying, hangovers, thrash. Confidence, restlessness. Dark, garage-like late night tunes. Anthem for the last stretch of adolescence. Your Ugly Sister’s “SWANS” definitely depicts how these guys are in reality, which is a total blast in a glass. Check out “SWANS” on bandcamp, support these guys on facebook, and let it snow cocaine. Sincerely, California”

“Slaves, drives itself with its infectious guitar riffs flowing in and out of the hard hitting backing bass and drum line all the while giving off some nice and sludgy psychedelic vibes. Following Slaves is a track called Bloodlust Blues which delves a little deeper into a hypnotizing slower stoner rock realm laden with reverbed vocals, trippy vocal samples, and some catchy hooks all building towards a crunchy and raw bass and guitar solo around the 2:38 mark. Excellent band, and overall a pretty sweet single available available at whatever price best suits your wallet on their Bandcamp page. Be sure to check out their other excellent releases out while you’re there.”