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Your Pain is Endearing / Press

“ Overall, The Turning of Tides is one damn good EP which is a must for any hardcore deathcore fans out there. It features everything that deathcore fans could possibly want in a release. Killer breakdowns, killer blast beats, killer vocals, excellent song structure, variety in tracks, and the list goes on. As far as recommending tracks for The Turning of Tides, I’d say that “Lessons in Misanthropy” would be an excellent place to start.”

“That’s a four-word, descriptive title and so my first thoughts were that I’d be dealing with another half-arsed American Deathcore band again. Wrong! At least partly. Yes, this material is American, the band is from Boston, Massachusetts, but no this isn’t really Deathcore and it’s certainly not half-arsed. The band itself describes their game as ”modern Death Metal” and state that ”they do not seek to follow trends”. That’s good, I like bands that find their own path into global appreciation. Your Pain is Endearing was formed in 2008, combining a blast-in-the-mouth brutality with pure aggression and also ”technical mastery”. Sounds like a billion notes per minute then, doesn’t it? But the truth is that these guys haven’t lost track in their search from churning out the most complex sequences of notes in the most teeth-breaking manner and are building songs that work.”

“As I just stated, YPIE is a modern death metal group and, in fact, I believe they could be held up as a prime example of death metal in the West. They have a high-energy, raw fast-paced sound. The group’s playing really blends together well in The Turning Of Tides and the instrumentals nicely compliment the vocals. Well, “nicely” isn’t a word often used to describe this flavour of metal, perhaps I should rephrase. The group is obviously well practiced and united in their vision for this album. They play with a ferocity and abandon which is inspirational. Perhaps the most distinct aspect of the group is vocalist Matt Phillippo. He sings, screams and calls like a grizzly gargling gravel. I’m not entirely sure if he’s entirely man or beast, a creature of land or water. His calls vibrate across this short CD like a demented siren. ”

“This band, which is performing at the Break Through Music Festival at the Palladium on Sept. 1, is pretty much cut from the classic image of contemporary metal. They're loud, aggressive and the music is propelled by intricate, fast-paced instrumentation and extremely heavy percussion. The vocals are pretty much one long, unintelligible growl, punctuated by bouts of screaming. But there's something really cathartic about the whole thing, something that burns through negative emotion and taps something primal.”

“The Turning Of Tides is the second EP in row from these guys. Involving a combination of death metal, grindcore, some taste of melody and blasting break downs here and there, this stuff should certainly stimulate attention in mainly the extreme-oriented metal audience. You'll find various fast/not-fast transitions within each song and a dose of ferocious high-energy performance, plus brutally diverse vocals, which are guaranteed persuasive, not to mention one of the ingredients that spices things up even more in here. Endearing or not, The Turning Of Tides for sure is a ruthless piece of music with a more modern approach.”

““Fall Of An Empire” came unexpectedly intense, violent, and well-done. It basically exemplifies how a Death Metal EP should sound like; it came pretty much concentrated and compact, thus its remarkable brutality and vigor energy is what most distinguishes it, and that’s why it really grew on me after a couple of listens to eventually realize how awesome of a record it is.Most of the tracks on “Fall Of An Empire” came amazingly aggressive, but never lost the touch of groove, thus delivering you a couple of catchy riffs on almost each track to keep the part of your brain that savors good music awake while you’re hysterically headbanging due to the EP’s exuberance and fullness of all that a Death Metaller would crave. ”

“The Album Fall Of An Empire takes us all into new places in our musical minds. The beats given by the drummer are enough to send this metal junkie into an overdose. The hard-ripping guitar is amazing. The fast-paced and dark heavy beats are only a foreshadowing of what insane greatness you hear when the lead singer picks up the microphone. From the first scream to the last growl, his voice gives me goose bumps. It’s incredible. The pain and anguish is audible in every note. Being a lover of everything local, especially the metal scene, I have to say this is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while. The blend of words with music is like heaven to your eardrums. The harmony between the band members is unmistakable. There is grittiness in the background which gives it a very eerie feeling. Though occasionally inaudible with lyrics, the singers voice is enough to grab your attention and keep you hooked for the duration of the album.”

Brandi Donnelly - Fall of An Empire Review

“Your Pain is Endearing hits you like a sucker punch to the temple with their amazing sound! After getting their line-up complete they wrote and recorded their debut EP, Fall Of An Empire. While each member brought their own unique qualities to the group they still maintain the Deathcore classification. They are set to release their full length album, The Human Condition, in 2012! ”

“ Your Pain is Endearing is none less than 6 tracks of non-stop death metal destruction. This EP is short, but one can still get the first impression of their music as being uncompromising, tireless and dynamic. Furthermore, all band members seem to bring something new, different and unique on the table resulting in this quite unusual death metal output. It is obvious to me that those guys are experience as it is not the first time that they've found themselves in this situation. Their sound is almost perfect, while their playing is intense, energetic, brutal and precise.”

“This is a release that took me by surprize. What I heard was not what I expected at all. This 6 song EP breaks down all barriers and pre-concieved notions in the Metal world. most definitely a slap in the face of non-believers and haters alike. I think you all can imagine where I'm going with this so I will save you all the "Real Metal " debate and get right into the review.We begin this EP with the track " An Infectious Breed ". This first track reminds me of a combination somewhere between Carnifex and Malevolent Creation. The guitars aren't real sharp but rather they have a traditional/grinding feel to them. There doesn't seem to be that trademark " bite " that most Extreme Metal bands have, but then again YPIE is a band all their own. You might think that this might take away from the brutality of the material here, but the guitars are still quite powerful and played to near perfection on this track. The drummer is fantastic here and I especially like the double bass.”