Your Favorite Enemies / Press

“Montreal’s Your Favourite Enemies, one of the country’s most hotly tipped unsigned bands, say they are in negotiations with a large American indie label following shows last month at South by Southwest in Austin. The band is also heading to Japan to support fellow Montrealers Simple Plan at five shows, says Jeff Beaulieu, guitarist and currently manager of the group.”

Robert Thompson - Billboard Magazine

“A real phenomenon. In three months, Your Favorite Enemies has sold twenty thousand copies of the EP, “And If I Was To Die In The Morning… Would I Still Be Sleeping With You”, sold via their online store: “It’s really hard to size up people’s reaction and the first sales day, we had so many orders that we thought it was a system error,” recalls the singer Alex Foster. Following this more than positive greeting, the band even postponed the release of their first album until spring 2008: “For us, it was a way of keeping the EP alive, but also to favour concerts and to meet with people,” explains the frontman. A growing community, Your Favorite Enemies has now more than ten street-teams throughout the world. The band is now getting ready to cross the ocean for their first tour in our lands. The tour will go through England, Germany, the Netherlands and France, on October 2nd at the Point Éphémère, in Paris. A meeting we won’t miss.”

Felix Lejeune - Rock One Mag

“These five guys and one gal from Montreal formed this solid rock/metal band in 2006 and founded their own label, Hopeful Tragedy Records, a year later to produce their own EP. And If I Was To Die In The Morning... Would I Still Be Sleeping With You went on to sell over 30,000 copies between their homeland and Japan, which isn't surprising in the least. With sets like this one, Your Favorite Enemies are likely to also become your favourite band.”

Sheena Lyonnais - CHARTattack

“They've been taking the Britain over! I've had an amazing response for this band, I've been playing them off and on for the last 3 or 4 weeks… they must have the most enormous fan base in the world because my mail box is being full for three weeks!"”

Mike Mendoza - legendary English radio host talking about Your Favorite Enemies impact in UK

“Last week we had Nelson Brag in the studio, Nelson is Bryan Wilson's drummer, the Beach Boys…he was knocked out by their music…he thought they're absolutely fabulous…he really went mad for them!”

David Courtney - Famous producer commenting the unanimous response regarding Your Favorite Enemie

“Your Favorite Enemies are the entire package. Anticipation set in even before they set foot onstage when a slew of fans in orange jail jumpsuits that said "Rock N Rights" on the back began flooding the front of the club. The jumpsuits served as an homage to the group's passion for human rights and their fans' dedication to the band. I was expecting anarchy, but instead got a band so in touch with their audience and abilities, it was impossible to tell this wasn't a hometown show.”

Sheena Lyonnais - CHARTattack