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“Young Kaii Drops Careless - YoungKaii is a talented woman with bars!”

“Young Kaii presents the follow-up to the hit Hey Pretty Lady. Hip-Hop meets R&B to create a master piece of music brought to life in the video.”

“Female Rapper Young Kaii Making Waves With Her Single 'Careless'”

“Dope female rapper Young Kaii is making wave with her hit ‘Careless’.”

“This artist up next is a dope female rapper Young Kaii, check out her hit ‘Careless’!”

“Dope female rapper Young Kaii creating a huge buzz with her latest single ‘Careless’. Check it out!”

“A female rapper from Providence, RI is creating a name for herself with her latest release ‘Careless’. Check out Young Kaii!”

“Dope female rapper Young Kaii changing the game with her hit ‘Careless’. Check it out!”

“The Real Game Changer Also Known As Young Kaii Releases An In Studio Performance of Her Latest Single ‘We Pop’em’ featuring Lil Wayne and Pokey Da HotSpitta.”

"Young Kaii has built a platform in which fans and supporters alike can see the originality, passion and drive of an artist who is driven by something much deeper than fame."

“Being led by a deep desire for creating music her way Young Kaii has since become the necessary addition in the arena of Rap and Hip-hop heard today.”

"A rising rap star in the US. With big dreams and talent, Young Kaii tells us about her difficulties and being a lesbian artist in the hip-hop industry."

"Young Kaii is a rap artist who’s flow is just so mellow and easy on the ears. She has great style and a lot of good music."

"Young Kaii has appeared in features nationally and internationally from mainstream media outlets to locally known publications."

““An openly lesbian artist Young Kaii who has gained recognition as a much needed change not only for her music but also her depth and core values.””

"Queer rapper Young Kaii has her say on 'This Is Love'"

"Unsigned sensation Young Kaii sits down for an exclusive interview with Exposed Vocals."

“On a snowy Valentine’s Day, I called out to Providence to ask some questions of Young Kaii, an artist who has been making waves. We chatted about stage fright, influences, the songwriting process, and more.”

“For us to interview a talented young artist who has already begun in the early years of rap. Welcome to Young Kaii.”

"Like the best of music, the song allows us to see Young Kaii's heart, bared honestly and frankly for all to see".

“As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Young Kaii says she has to work harder but doesn't make compromises.”

“For Young Kaii there are no limits”

“Young Kaii sat down with Equalize to discuss her love of Selena and other major influences, why whom she sleeps with has nothing to do with her amazing lyrical skills, and her own definition of what it means to be an Equalizer.”

“Orientation is something that’s personal. That’s what’s captured in the bedroom so why does anybody care who I’m sleeping with? And same thing goes for straight guys who get upset and make a comment about a lesbian. They want to make it a big deal. So it’s like, if this lady wasn’t a lesbian, does that automatically mean she’s going to sleep with you? It’s so stupid.”

“Young Kaii is an artist on a mission and unlike many rappers these days, she's not trying to sell you on anything but her lyrical skills nor is she willing to be anything other than herself”

“Young Kaii presents the follow-up to the hit Hey Pretty Lady. Hip-Hop meets R&B to create a master piece of music brought to life in the video. Travel into Young Kaii's world and discover that it takes more than a pretty face and nice body to be a Fantasy Girl”

“From London to the U.S. ! Young Kaii joins forces with London's Singer/Rapper Courtney Bennette on "Break Them Down". Young Kaii freestyles this entire record , it's crazy HOT and motivational. music for the masses !”

“Using her life experiences as a driving force, she began to turn the negativity of having hustling brothers and poverty stricken parents into lyrical masterpieces, which are found on her reputation-making mix-tapes”

“Young Kaii's latest music video "Rhythm" For the latest and everything Young Kaii follow her @Itzkstar and check out her dope website http://www.iamyoungkaii.com ”

“Christmas Love from Young Kaii”

“I was thumbing through the Boston Pride Guide when I was visiting in June and saw she was performing there. So Young Kaii continued to intrigue me but after she was named the LGBT Community’s Artist of the Year, I had to stop and take notice. This kid is amazing!”

“As September ends I give you another list of awesome underground rising talent. Below are the top 5 local and non-local tracks on UNregular Radio this week. These tracks are picked by myself as the music director here at UNregular and by request of the listeners based upon their responses”

“Its been a while since we’ve featured a straight up hip hop track (I think the last one was Logic – Mind of Logic). I like the raw sound that Young Kaii (formerly K-Star) has, while still giving her track Break Them Down that studio finish.”

“SheWired Featured Local Artist: Young Kaii, Rapper – Providence, RI – SheWired”

“Featuring and giving exposure is part of what I do. Let me introduce Young Kaii to the world, female emcee native of Providence, Rhode Island.”

“Featutred Artist : Young Kaii”

“Young Kaii is one of those rare artists that effortlessly brings raw emotions using just her talent and her powerful lyrics. Her music is a innovative combination of different genres that breaks musical boundaries. This out female rapper challenges the conventional rules of the music industry as she continues to pursuit a career based on her own terms. She has managed to created a loyal and supportive fan base that follow her journey to success.”

“As a site that features entertainment and news geared toward the lesbian community at large we are committed to highlighting artists, musicians and craftspeople in the community. This week we'd like to introduce you to Young Kaii, formerly knows as K Star, a talented female rapper who fell in love with hip hop at a very young age.”

“Meet LGBT Community’s New Artist Of The Year: Young Kaii”

“Rapper Young Kaii: Shattering the Glass Ceiling One Verse at a time |How has your music evolved? With age comes wisdom and growth. As the years have passed my music has grown and I have become wiser as an artist. I have learned a lot as an artist and channeled that into the music I create. I started out focusing on making it into the main stream industry and having to make music based on other peoples standards, now I make music on my standards and remain true to who I am as an openly lesbian female.pg 23-24”

“We Love.....Young Kaii G3 Chats with the outspoken rapper: ”

“Young Kaii: The Unstoppable Artistic Force Born October 8, 1987 Young Kaii formerly knows as K Star, is a talented female rapper who fell in love with hip hop at a very young age.A Providence, Rhode Island native, she did not discover hip hop until she began making summer visits to NYC. There she discovered the unforgettable lyrics of rappers such as the Notorious BIG, Tupac, Mase, and Dr. Dre. ”

“YOUNG KAII & SOLOMON ON OUTING THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: THE NIGHT OF EXCLUSIVES:Rapper Young Kaii (formerly known as K-Star) and electro-pop/hip-hop artist Solomon were the featured guests on OUTing The Music Industry with Dj SirRah. ”

“Check out "Young Kaii on OUTing the Music Industry" on Gay Music Revolution”

“Artist Spotlight Sunday-Young Kaii :It’s Sunday fam, your relaxing at home, better yet, online looking for something new. And StudsVsFemmes.com has it. Every Sunday we’ll shine the spotlight on artists, musicians, poets, etc…. and show love. So look out for the Artist Spotlight post here every Sunday. Today on StudsVsFemmes.com we welcome, YoungKaii. Check her out, link up with her, and show her love.”

“K-Star has the lyrics and the delivery to make it to the major leagues, but will her tomboyish style hinder this young talented AG? The music should speak for itself. CHECK IN!! with IKONS.”

“We get to know the outspoken and determined rapper on the rise to learn more about her style, her inspirations, and the struggles faced by being out in the music industry”

“Mark your calendars YoungKaii will be a guest on Global Rhythmz show Lyrical Impulse with Host Melissa :Global Rhythmz is Ur source for all things Hip-Hop! Listen and Call as YoungKaii BKA K-STAR invades internet radio!”

“Featured Artist : Young Kaii Audimated.com supplies indie artist with independent music resources,news and information. Checkout the latest interview with Young Kaii GET to know yet another side of the R&B/Hip-Hop sensation.”

“Phoenixstar sits down with Young Kaii formerly known as K-Star to get to know the female rapper: Q. Where did you get the name Young Kaii aka Young K Star I've been Known as K-Star since I first stepped in the game, Young Kaii was who I found when I took some time away to find myself as an artist. I thought to myself "hey, if I'm going to change my style might as well go all the way." Even if it takes having to change the name but at the end of the day I'll always be K-Star”

“The Seattle Lesbian: Seattle's Xclusive website for lesbian news,celebrity interviews, exclusives, & MORE!!!”

“Because our views and opinions are out of this world. Brought to you BY the 3minds Camp”

“Recently Top Gay Songs met up-and-coming hip hop artist Young Kaii. After watching her video, “I am Young Kaii,” (watch it here, it’s great) we knew that we better speak to her now before she hits it big and won’t have time to return our calls. She is currently in the process of finishing her album. In the meantime, check out our interview.”

“Top Gay Songs would like to introduce you to Young Kaii, formerly knows as K Star, a rapper from Providence, RI.”

“Hey Philly, Check out a very Dope MC, Young Kaii making major moves in the hip-hop world. Her style and lyrics are refreshing in today’s often stale rap scene. Young Kaii has raw talent and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is what today’s female rap game is missing!!!! Take a look at her impressive Bio and Links!”

“Let’s stop talking about Nicki Minaj’s so-called bisexuality and start celebrating the many out & proud female emcees in the Hip Hop community.”

“Introducing ya’ll to the a new ingrediant to what HIP HOP really needs a out and proud Lesbian woman taking the RAP game by storm.”

“Kickin' It with Young Kaii”

“Designed to be an alternative to the other video sites that are out there.”

“Your # 1 Source for Femcees”