Young Costello / Press

"Opening the evening’s festivities was the local act Young Costello who surprised me with their amount of fans singing along to every word to every song. You don’t often see that in an opener and I see really great things for them long-term. Opening for the Slackers last week and the Caddies this week has surely raised their stock to great level and I would highly recommend checking them out if you get the chance. They are a high energy shot to the nervous system in the best way possible."

"Opening up the night were two local bands. Up first was Young Costello who really set the night off nicely. They played very tight, amazing horn section, and energetic front man John Mike Leija had the whole crowd dancing. They have an album up for download on their website that I recommend downloading."

“I had no idea who this band was until I did a search on Bandcamp and came across them. Their sound caught me immediately. The band has such a maturity for being a young band. Their song structures and instrumentation do not waste any moments. There aren’t solos for solos sake. Every last piece of music feels crucial to the song as a whole and fits seamlessly. The band also has somewhat of a minor key/dark edge to them. The songs Misfortunate Son and An Altered State Of Mind fall into that camp. This is where I think they truly shine as the vocals over top of that dark sound are quite melodic where you want to sing along with the band. I am truly impressed with some of the vocal abilities of a number of new bands and Young Costello is no exception. Fantastic!”

“the greatest and best band in the world”

tenacious d