You Know The Score / Press

“Tantalizing valleys, painted with music that creates a picture all its own. Sets you down at the top and prepares you for the wonderful journey that is the way down. Well done, my friend. Well done!”

Dustwave - Reverbnation Artist

“Superb sounds and ambient on your tracks. Each piece has its own atmosphere and vibe.”

JMOYA - Reverbnation Artist

“Excellent instrumentation and truly expressive emoting scores.”

The Benedict Dollyrockers - Reverbnation Artist

"Wow! What a sound. The textures of Hans Zimmer, the vocal solemnity of Leonard Cohen, mixed with a Twin Peaks sense of dread. Impressive."

EKM - Revernation Artist

"Certainly worth the visit just to enjoy the production! Great stuff!!"

Rab Thomson - Reverbnation Artist

"Your stories are hauntingly beautiful, intelligent and melancholy, and your voice reflects it all wonderfully. A page to take slowly and in time. Thanks so much for finding me!"

Janice Kephart - Reverbnation Artist

"excellent sounds here.. very eclectic (i had to google this) lol :D Eclectic Adjective: Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. "

Jim Marcotte - Reverbnation Artist

“all the stuffs actually improvised here, writing can be such a drag. I love to wing it because it helps keep the atmosphere more emotionally genuine. (although a nightmare to re-perform it lol) As im unfolding the scene in real time its like creating a scene for something you watched & wished they did that scene in the film, kinda gives every take a different outcome & style. Imagination is basically key to what i play & its people listening with imagination to how they perceive it. Sparking imagination & mood setting is what i enjoy the most. Sadly a lot of people just hear the music & cant close their eyes & see a scene of any kind, which is kinda sad, but the spoon fed game consul generation seams here to stay lol”

TheWraith517 - Comment Reply

“the track called Dont Judge is one of the coolest things ive ever heard, and your right. It's so true, the mind works in specific ways & people denie it. I bet most dont even listen to it all & they still judge it even though its called DONT lol, let alone thier abillity visualize what it realy is until the odd few actualy here the end. Great work on the music to, but i love that audio mind game concept, i want to hear more of them”

“Why are you brits so damn good at music? You make us Americans look bad! We're constantly struggling to over come the British invasion (which in my opinion has not yet ended..... like, at all...) Stay golden, my English friend. Never stop, and keep the tracks coming. You're pro status.”


“I love the sound! A pleasure for my headphones! Keep doing your thing”

“Special sounds in a special chapter of music . Very good work .Thanks for friendship,best wishes,Leon.”