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“Though this husband and wife duo hail from Nashville, their music can't simply be put in a box labeled "country'. There's a rawness in their vocals, a rock 'n' roll attitude in their guitar riffs, and a sweetness in their chemistry, which often culminates in their harmonies and lyrics. Their latest album, Into the Looking Glass is an inward-looking gaze at their past, together as a couple and as musical act, combining their folksy side with their downright gritty chord progression. It's a long, enjoyable ride.”

“You Knew Me When is all about carefully crafted music.”

Boulder Weekly - BOULDER, CO

“Blends of soulful lyrics uniquely their own.”

Post Independent - GLENDWOOD, SPRINGS, CO

"A multi instrumental, nuanced sound"

Mountain Xpress - ASHEVILLE, NC

“You knew me when brought the action to our farm to table dinner. We were amazed at the variety of sounds coming out of that duo, plus who is not infatuated with whiskey kisses”

Spradley Farms - CARBONDALE, CO

“(You Knew Me When) an attractive fusion of folk and indie rock rich with pulsing and stirring beats.”

“We loved having You Knew Me When at Sigillo Cellars. What a great show! We were packed, and the crowd adored them.”

Sigillo Cellars - SNOQUALMIE, WA

“You Knew Me When consistently shells out fantastic performances, engaging our patrons with their signature style. They're also one of the easiest bands I have worked with in all my time booking music acts.”

Add Collard, Barley Brown's Beer - BAKER CITY, OR

“Great Performance at Donatelli’s Bistro by You Knew Me When duo last night while on tour through US! They definitely did not disappoint! We hope to have them stop many more times as they pass through.”

Donatello’s Bistro - LAKE ST LOUIS, MO

“You Knew Me When are a very talented duo with a very cool, original sound…Their original music is a fusion of folk and rock that features some gorgeous vocal harmonies and sweet instrumentation.”

Steve Standiford, Steve’s Guitars - CARBONDALE, CO

“The band’s lush sound belies its limited membership…it’s the percussive elements and rhythmic nuances that set “We Found Roads” apart from typical folk fare…YKMW’s music spills over with catchy melodies, beautiful harmonies and pillowy acoustic guitar, as well-crafted folk music often does. But Karisa and Cie also use rhythm to imbue their songs with a strong sense of momentum…The album is a reflection of mile-markers and moments derived from giving up everything and finding new paths together,” says the bio. And on “We Found Roads,” you kind of feel like you’re along for the ride.”

“You Knew Me When was awesome. We are so glad they included us in their journey.”

Big Rock Urban - VANCOUVER, BC

“(You Knew Me When) An indie folk duo with a sound that is much bigger than they appear.”

Wolfe Brewing Co. - PAGOSA SPRINGS, CO

“I had the privilege of seeing this amazing husband and wife team perform at a small venue in Park City, Utah. It was one of those nights that I didn't want to go out, I was comfy at home and ready to put on my PJ's when my husband reminded me that we signed up to attend this event. I am SO happy that we went! Cie and Karisa Hoover have the gift - The gift of music, the gift of gab, the gift of reading their audience. And they make it look so easy, which we all know it's not easy. Their talent, dedication and love of music shine with each song. Do yourself a favor and see this musical duo. You'll enjoy every minute and you'll walk away humming their tunes.”

Mary Katzenbach, KPCW Radio - PARK CITY, UT

“The husband-and-wife folk duo You Knew Me When has been on the road in their van for nearly four years now, breaking from touring only to record the occasional album. Along the way, the independent band has found a unique niche and tapped a rich, relatively new resource for DIY bands stringing together national tours: craft breweries.”

“As good as it gets…They (You Knew Me When) are definitely going places.”

Kirk Bloemendaal, Take 16 Brewing - LUVERNE, MN

“(You Knew Me When) A house favorite.”

Highlands Hollow Brewhouse - BOISE, ID

“We enjoyed You Knew Me When so much. They instantly reminded me of my favorite band, Shovels and Rope. The different instruments and their vocal harmonies were captivating.””

Mallorie McRea - Tennessee Brew Works, NASHVILLE, TN

“...(You Knew Me When) Full of interstate love songs.”

“You Knew Me When is mesmerizing in both melody and presence. Their dynamic use of layering sounds and vocals has the ability to capture and compliment most any audience, in most any atmosphere”

Shannon Stober - Katabatic Brewing Co., LIVINGSTON, MT

“Their (You Knew Me When) harmony, arrangement, and dedication to crafting a well-written song is what is defining You Knew Me When as one of the more unique and passionate acts out there in music today.”

“(You Knew Me When) are one of our favorite groups!”

Wiley Roots Brewing Co., GREELEY, CO

“With beautiful, soulful harmonies, it feels as though there's a full band playing a sound that often incorporates a ukulele and glockenspiel.”

“You Knew Me When is an incredible duo featuring the quality of music usually only produced by a much larger band. They combine wonderful harmonies, excellent musicianship and a completely original sound. We love having them at Murphy’s and so do guests.”

Derek Belanger, GM - Murphy's Irish Pub, SONOMA, CA

“Music’s appeal can come from out of nowhere. The pull of the universe on a musician, is to create what one has inside and offer it to the world. When the creation and the appeal coincide as is the case for “You knew me when”’ prodigious things begin to happen. The professionalism and dedication from this duo is mind numbing and at the same time their spontaneity is captured in every live performance.”

Ric Curtice - More Music Production, BAY AREA, CA

“YKMW are a class act and will brave the elements to warm your souls with their unique sound. Truly traveling troubadours who are dedicated to their craft and are able to engage the audience through music. Whether it be a small town pub or a concert hall, YKMW will bring the heat...”

Mike Kennedy, - Bar Antidote, VERGENNES, VT

“A match made in musical heaven...Songwriting between the couple is much like the drumming, split between the two in a way that asks for perfect cohesion.”

“Husband-and-wife duo Cie and Karisa Hoover pursue an indie-rock sound marked by compelling lead and harmony vocals, driving rhythms and colorful flourishes. At times, the Nashville, Tenn. pair sounds like a darker, more electrified version of Over the Rhine; at others, it takes an approach reminiscent of the sort of pop songs Aimee Mann writes.”

“This indie duo has an amazing ability to create a full sound and engage an audience with their variety of instruments. You Knew Me When made lasting memories for our patrons, and we look forward to having them here again in the future!”

Layne Robinson - Oreana Winery, SANTA BARBARA, CA

“With a blend of oft-elegiac vocals and ripe lyrics within a style wedged within a file marked indie rock, the duo arrive with a batch of new tunes…Raw beauty emerges from snippets of tracks posted such to compel ears to yearn for more.”

“They are a two-person band that presents a full band sound...They are great performers, no matter the size of the venue, they put their heart and soul into the show.”

“I clicked on the first track of YKMW's You, Me and the Rest of the World and promptly forgot I meant to give only a quick listen — thus mesmerized, I was four songs deep before remembering I was supposed to be writing about the music. The songs are just lovely, combining fragile folksy melodies with an elegant, edgier sound...Go ahead and fall in love.”

“25 Indie Music Artists Worth Paying For -- Slow Down -- I'll be honest, I've always been leery of any band hailing from Nashville, but I've come to find out that there are several great non-country bands located in the land of the Grand Ole Opry. A fine example is You Knew Me When, which has a dark and haunted indie vibe in the best sense of the tradition on this tune.”

“We enjoyed a beautiful evening out on the patio with You Knew Me When. They drew us in with their sweet songs and sounds, and we can't wait to have them back in San Diego again!”

Stephanie Raso - Nate's Garden Grill, SAN DIEGO, CA

“Filling a gap in the modern music scene is the sound of You Knew Me When – one that blends soulful lyrics with the rhythms of indie and folk rock. The result is uniquely their own – full of an authenticity, heart, and ukulele that just isn’t heard often enough.”

“Husband-wife duo You Knew Me When are close to the next step. Fans of melancholy indie rock and singer-songwriter fare probably will find something to like in Cie and Karisa Hoover's "You, Me, and the Rest of the World.”…This is a pair with talent and ability.”

Tony Bennett - Duluth News Tribune

“There is such a natural talent to You Know Me When and for the first time in quite awhile it may be a sound that is truly unique, or at least different in these musical times.”

“Upon first listen these songs, stories and sounds seem to be plucked straight out of a soundtrack for a musical. Closing your eyes while listening fosters up images of a dark stage light in cool blues with two actors, their backs turned, spotlight on each exchanging verses of love or longing until that moment of unified crescendo where song and story begin to overlap. This stems from the unconventional or untraditional vocal styling the two bring to their sound. It is easy to pigeonhole or point out bands or musicians hailing from Nashville, but these two might as well have been born on the other side of the country. This isn’t necessarily a band thing, there is such a natural talent to You Know Me When and for the first time in quite awhile it may be a sound that is truly unique, or at least different in these musical times.”

“You Knew Me When has grown exponentially as a duo in terms of their stage presence, confidence, and the sound quality of their live performance. The range of emotions hit me in terms of a reflective state of mind, as showcased in their single entitled “Slow Down”, to snapping my fingers and tapping my toes in a song off of their new record entitled “In Moderation”, to being blown away in awe with their brilliant cover of “Glycerine”, originally done by Bush.”

“The duo has, quite literally, made beautiful music together. Their haunting, ethereal and somewhat melancholy tunes bring to mind Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie, but with starkly rendered guitar playing by Cie and Karisa's beautiful vocals.”

“The songs flow together to form a singular, unique sound that sets the couple apart as musicians…With a wide range of material, those in the audience rarely have trouble finding something they like. ”

“Our favorite road warrior, indie-folk duet from Nashville...You will not want to miss this husband and wife duo and their over-abundance of instruments, talent, and melody. ”

CB's Tavern ~ Delta, CO

"Being a big Ben Gibbard fan (Death Cab For Cutie/The Postal Service), I dare say this is some seriously good music. Well produced with great dynamics. I love these husband & wife duo projects, they always seem to harmonize better in some unique way."

Christopher Paxton, Event Producer - Live On the Green / WRLT Lightning 100.1FM

“You Knew Me When came to Memphis ready to rock and delivered an unbelievable performance for the Hard Rock Café in The Birthplace of Rock n Roll. Their music offered something unique and memorable and we definitely hope to have them back again & again! ”

-Julien Salley, General Manager, Hard Rock Cafe Memphis

“If you’re a fan of groups like Matt Costa, The Shins, The Postal Service, The Decemberists and Coldplay, then you simply must check out You Knew Me When. ”

“You Knew Me When kicked off our inaugural Thursday Night Music Series at the Lucky Bucket Tasting Room and fit the bill perfectly. Their music resonates with a wide audience and was a great vibe for our crowd. ”

-Paul Albers, Tasting Room Manager, Lucky Bucket Brewing

“We're always looking forward to promoting good music on RadioX and You Knew Me When fit perfectly.”

Daniel URdaneta, Music Director - WNSU RadioX 88.5 FM

“They are a husband/wife duo that makes incredible music together...In a nutshell, if Cie was yin, then Karisa is yang. These seemingly polar opposites in the music world seem to match and fit one another’s collective styles like a glove...Their self-titled CD offers haunting, brooding, yet somehow angelic vocal arrangements along with a wall of sound in their musicianship. The ambiance that they offer in their music is second to none as well...In essence, this is a CD that the listener can enjoy while sitting around a bonfire while the sunset adds a wonderful backdrop to the music. If one cherishes good songwriting, quality arrangements, and deep and poetic lyrical content, with a sense of catchiness to the songs and melodies, then this is the CD to get.”

"You Knew Me When delivered the perfect performance for our crowd at Prairie Berry Winery. They were professional and timely in booking the show. They picked up on the tone of a relaxed Sunday afternoon and created a wonderful musical experience for our guests. There's a dynamism around the music Cie and Karisa create together that we know will keep them busy touring! We hope their tour routing will bring them back to the Black Hills of South Dakota for another stop at Prairie Berry Winery."

-Sarah King, Prairie Berry Winery

“In a private loft in downtown Nashville, the two (You Knew Me When) took the stage as completely unknown musicians, but by the end of the night they had made life-long fans of the entire audience. The Hayman Loft…was completely silent within a few moments of the duo starting their set: heads turned, people took their seats and before long it seemed as though there was nothing else in the world that mattered more than the music that was filling the room. ”

"You Knew Me When: Couple doing the Mates of States shtick but not actually Mates of State. Cute, easy listening music. RIYD: The Swell Season"...

"The Swell Season influence is noticeable in You Knew Me When’s tracks, but they’ve also been called, 'a stripped-down Coldplay mixed with a less-poppy Belle & Sebastian,' a nod to the melodic yet melancholy spirit of their music."

“Beautiful music … Catch ya’ll around town! ”

Nancy, NashvilleRock.net - www.NashvilleRock.net

“Their (You Knew Me When) key ingredient is simplicity, however its not for lack of talent or skill but rather a stream-lined and to-the-point approach to reaching the crowd, and its this beautiful simplicity that lends itself to the strange, wintery aura that enraptured the room while they were on stage. ”