Yonas Prayudhi / Press

“Powerful vocals and guitar on rock tracks like "Alone", "Suicide" and "For the Freedom", as well as a more sensitive side with "Good Night Roro". Yonas has international appeal! -mh”

“Make no mistake, Yonas = talent...Listen up.”

“really good playing and attitude.."suicide" rocks along on a shreddingly-good riff. superior stuff!”

“Great musician with amazing vocals and wonderful songwriting skills!”

“Don't know why...maybe it's in the soil, but I find Indonesia such a fertile place for new music. Again, you do not disappoint! Good songs”

“Your song Alone is a great opener . I am really impressed your powerful voice. Great composition and balance between electronic and great rock .... Very tempting.”

“Great sound on 'Alone' very nicely written and recorded song... great creativity in it's production.”