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“ALBUM REVIEW YOGURT SMOOTHNESS-The Diamond Through the Bees www.yogurtsmoothness.com Rating: ✪✪✪1/2 by Jaime Eschelman We’ve heard good things about the two-piece band Yogurt Smoothness. So when this CD landed in our mailbox, we were curious. The band’s bio claims influences drawn from earlier-to-mid ’90s British shoegaze and ’60s garage rock and psychedelia. That would be accurate and saves us a lot of brain wracking to come up with our own description. While we give the duo credit for doing something different, we’d like to hear what they would sound like with a bass player. But then on some of the 14 tracks, oddly, a bass player isn’t hardly missed. We noticed quite a few surf-like instrumentals on this CD. This is the type of band you might see on a typical night at Will’s Pub. (Uh, that was meant as a compliment.) ”

“I'll be honest, while last night's lineup at BackBooth was great, the Yogurt Smoothness was the band I was coming to see. It was the 2 piece band's name and genre (Experimental Rock) that intrigued me, anticipating a sound of similar likely named rock outfits-- Mother Love Bone, The Velvet Underground, and something out of a Pink Floyd album. Did the Yogurt Smoothness have lofty shoes to fill? Absolutely. The expectations were high, but I didn't get what I expected. I got more. The Yogurt Smoothness is like all the songs you like, but don't know the names of as Dan on guitar and Brian on drums move through melodies like that range in scope from Dick Dale to Kurt Cobain. Needless to say, I was most impressed by the passion these guys had while playing-- Dan could barely keep his feet on the floor, arching and twisting his feet to some pretty rockabilly-esque riffs, without the hairdos. Needless to say, I enjoyed myself.”

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