“Thank you Yoda!!! I'm yo fan man)))) Great Kungfu!!!”

“If we were to jam together, would The Force allow you to sense the changes before they arrived? Also, are those big ears of yours useful or ornamental?”

“Smokin' groove on Bang a Gong bro.. may the FORCE OF GROOVE alway's be with You.. ”

“Awesome!!! Thanks for the friendship and your support,most appreciated,my little green friend ;) Keep in touch. Best regards, ~Eric S ”

“Your opinion important is for us master Yoda. Your powers we respect very much and thank you for your kind words. YOU F*CKING ROCK!!! ”

“Yes, good, it would be. Jam would we. Great week, you must have. wishing you all the best in all you do, I am. Peace, light & music, Tom Mair, reverbnation.com ”

“Hi Yoda on Bass, Great name. One of the best on RN. Succeed in music you will. Thanks for signing up !”