Yo Adrian! / Press

“Yo Adrian (PDX) was definitely the most punk oriented act of the night. Still leaning in the ska-flavored punk vein of Leftover Crack/Choking Victim at times, these guys know how to build a punk tune with enough hooks to leave you humming after it ends, but enough grit that you aren’t put off by the pop-sensibility of it all. Still moshable, still the perfect soundtrack to an “all in the name of a good time” bar-fight, Yo Adrian seems like they’ve got some staying power.”

“We’ve all heard it: “The Dream of the '90s is alive in Portland!” Whether that claim alludes to real aspects of Portland life (I’ve been hoping to run into a pair of Jnco Jeans since my arrival here) or is delivered with tongue planted in cheek, Portland steady rockers/pop-punks Yo Adrian! keep the vibe of quality '90s punk rock going strong. Yo Adrian! gleefully and often hilariously melds early '90s pop-punk riffs that would make Ben Weasel toe-tap, with a peppy, but not bubblegum ska-punk upbeat (read: diet Choking Victim.) blends the line between straightforward punk progression to melodic muted upstrum in classic Crack fashion, not to mention the cheery “it’s all downhill from here.” Managing to make getting older/fatter/grayer seem silly, this is a song and album that lightens the load of life through triviality and humor. Poking fun at life and at their own scene is their lyrical specialty, and it often makes for a live show with a few smirks.”