Y Lizzie / Press

"Hot is Me" is SIZZLING HOT! Great to connect!

Lisa Panagos - Reverbnation Artist

"Hot as me" & "too far gone " feelin ya songs bro nice work & congrats on rank #1!!!

Aka Raunitis - Reverbnation Artist

“Good stuff! Not my style, but I can appreciate good music when I hear it. Wouldn't be surprised to hear you on the radio one day soon! Thanks for the fan, glad you like my sound!”

Sisterz - Reverbnation Artist

“Sic as fuck guys got some mad tunes here that i will be listening to again for sure aye”

In Darkness Wake - Reverbnation Artist

“Hott As Me is brutal, dark, and fresh! It makes Hans want to destroy something beautiful. Keep moving forward. -Hans Blix”

Hans Blix - Reverbnation Artist

“Just love "Make Believe" track, great sound and feel!”

Jen Garces-Owens - Reverbnation Artist

“HOTT AS ME - very nice! Great dance vibe!”

Debbie Kauble - Reverbnation Artist

“You know I knew, That's how it was supposed to be. :) Rock on Y Lizzie”

Salty Lizard Sanctuary - Reverbnation Artist

“Wow .... I'm always a bit wary of taking a listen to this kind of stuff it's an age thing but ... I've just listened to the first track and you have it nailed down mate. The structure is fantastic and it has nice little surprises along the way. I'll be listening to some more shortly. Love the way that track is built sounds very pro.”

JackJackBand - Reverbnation Artist

“Jam'n songs! Sounds like all hits to me!”

Straberri Leaf - Reverbnation Artist

“Tick toc around the clock your music is so good so dont stop.I know Im not a fool but your music is so damn kool.It takes us back to school and we cant forget the golden rule.You´ve got that magical potion that wonderful notion your creating a lot of commotion.The world is yours.Keep in touch,L.”

Lord Of Lightning - Reverbnation Artist

“Your music is amazing and coming from the heart! Stay true and keep your individuality as a main treasure!”

Awe.Some - Reverbnation Artist

“Dude, great sound. You have a kick ass rap voice. Keep up the good work :)”

MunE - Reverbnation Artist

“fantastic sounding melodic Rap by "Make Believe " !”

LeonB. - Reverbnation Artist

“great tracks !! especially loving ...."Too Far Gone...."”

Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation Artist

“dope ish and its a breath of fresh air!!!!!!”

A.Vince - Reverbnation Artist

“you are'' wow '' loved every song of yours , excellent compositions .”

Mariah Jas - Reverbnation Artist

“I just enjoyed your cool tunes, there's energy in your music! Have a great night, ciao, Al. - "Kind of Burning"”

Kind Of Burning - Reverbnation Artist

“This is good stuff. Not ordinary or stale. Keep on Keeping on!”

Revolushn - Reverbnation Artist

“Hey Y Lizzie, Loving your "Make Believe" Great Vocals and Beats! Keep on Grinding! One Love...Be Well, Nurakh”

nurakh - Reverbnation Artist

“very lyrical riffs man, liked make believe”

The Bare Fringe - Reverbnation Artist

“Make believe is great...Much success to you ...Mike”

mikedoyleentertainment - Reverbnation Artist

“Make Believe has such an inspirational song- love the beat!”

Britt Straw - Reverbnation Artist

“Enjoying "Monster Man". A lot of talent here. Best wishes!”

Victor Snow - Reverbnation Artist

“Shout out to my boy Y to da lizzie he did his thang wit us at alrosa”

Slink Da Sapphire King - Columbus Artist (affiliate)


Will Tommy Jones - Reverbnation Artist

“niiiiice! "say it how I say, do it as I do it" LOVE it!! Thank you for saying it as you see it bro..truth.”

Eclectic Wonderland - Reverbnation Artist

“Diggin' some of these grooves, man!! You're using some awesome sounds on the backing tracks, too!! Lovin' it!”

Schroeders Ghost - Reverbnation Artist

“i love you lizzie... maybe we could move to southern cal, and sleep ina car, and leve toghether forever. i lovyou. and we could builed a campfire and sing songs, marshmellows etc.... much love...”

WANGO MANGO - Reverbnation Artist

“you speak well Y Lizzie, lucid stuff my friend”

Naive Dreamers - Reverbnation Artist

“Butterflies... yer totally connected to Spirit :-) Much love and light to you brother...you are inspiring.”

Billy Ledbetter - Reverbnation Artist

“you got some flow Bro! diggn' it cool vids...keep spreading the luv of music...it's what we're meant to do”

Blame Eddie - Reverbnation Artist

“the world is yours lizzy”

Spyce and Pacino - Reverbnation Artist

“You rock !! crush dem mics set the dream ablaze!! Marty”

ShotGun Therapy - Reverbnation Artist

“Man, You've got your own thing going, I Dig it, Strange, Unexpected, real! , I totally did it, Nothing at all like it! Very very good!”

Stretcher Bearer - Reverbnation Artist

“Make Believe has an awesome message. Keep up the great work my friend and together we can all change this world for the better....one song at a time!!”

Gaffer - Reverbnation Artist

“Y Lizzie what's shakin'? Monster Man has a sweet groove...you're almost to #1! Distortion on your rap sounds killer....- Jason / DM”

Dark Measure - Reverbnation Artist

“I love finding gems like your grooves that cut clean and hard through the genre clutter to grab my ears and soul.”

David Namerow - Reverbnation Artist

“Eminmem or M&M move over the Monster Man is here. Y Lizzie? Because!”

Willy Friar - Reverbnation Artist

“your dope for sure bro loving the music”

7Scar0Face7 - Reverbnation Artist

“Smooth vibe u got going on!! Like yo Here We Go track!! Keep them coming love”

Maliyah Haryana - Reverbnation Artist

“Love your music! Great stuff! Consider us fans of yours!”

Barely Small - Reverbnation Artist

“Lemme say it like this........YOU ROCK! Hey alright diggn your deep hevy beetz, lyrx n flow'n vox! This is where it's at big daddy! Hey, I gave up bands n thrash metal n blues to chase a new rainbow, techno, rave house, electronica! keep rockn dont stop till ya hit the top dig! Peace.”

Shocking Dawn - Reverbnation Artist

“Y-Lizzie!...lend him your ears!”

THE AMERICAN BRITTS - Reverbnation Artist

“Hey! Nice sound and tunes of yours, really enjoyed the listening! Didn't know there was a genre such as 'punk rap', cooool!:)”

Together Alone - Reverbnation Artist

“Howdy Lizzie!! Was in the hood & had to stop by & checkout your sounds! Wicked tracks my friend!”

Mykall McDowell - Reverbnation Artist


Senses To Destroy - Reverbnation Artist

“Luv'd the lyrical journey of 'Make Believe', excellent chorus hook. Cheers friend”

The Pizza Kings - Reverbnation Artist

“yo lizzie im diggin the flavor man..........keep em comin my dude”

N.I.T.T. BEEZ - Reverbnation Artist

“man you have passion n I here some pain in them vocals Y!!! LOVE”

Th0ught Pr0v0ker - Reverbnation Artist

“tight tracks!!! u def put passion into your lyrics! keep it up”

New Profession - Reverbnation Artist

“You kinda remind me of Asher Roth. You got an I'll flow.”

Family Music Group - Reverbnation Artist

“Hey whats good my dude, love the music and your swagg. If you not signed my brotha you need to be signed”

Dream Team - Reverbnation Artist


CD Rocks Band - Reverbnation Artist

“Brilliant ~ Much Respect”

Lords Of Spirits - Reverbnation Artist

“What It Do Fam Nice Music Kick That Rock”

Blood Soulja/ Productions - Reverbnation Artist

“What a great rapper with true talent! Very provocative and compelling songs and lyrics. Keep doin' what you believe!!”

Juliann Andreen - Reverbnation Artist

“Tight flow. "a man on my mission" Keep doing your thing!!”

Yodo'Shis - Reverbnation Artist

“just checked out your tracks and shit is poppin'. Keep that fire coming and I'mma keep listening”

J-Boogz - Reverbnation Artist

“nice music im really feeling your style very unique !”

MALIA - Reverbnation Artist

“yo i was listening last night. good word play on both!”

Im not a a rtist ima beat maker - Reverbnation Artist

"monster man" is sick bro..monumental thunderbeat and a tight, relentless flo. Shiny as Gold!!

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation Artist

“good music bruh i just listened to your songs an i fucks withem”

Reverbnation Artist - Jay The Loudman

“Y Lizzie! Sounding dope! I'll be back for more!”

Dizzomo - reverbnation artist

“you got some real poetic words. i like your message”

Jay Wallace - Reverbnation Artist

“Yo Y Lizzie! Dude! Your the essence of true hip hop homie. I'm lovin it.”

SHAAD KANEin - reverbnation artist

“Y Lizzie is the pride of the east side erybody seems to wanna work with, im fortunate enough to do so, good lookin Lizzie, keep bringin that fire”

HoodiBoi Entertainment - Freeway Rick

“HBI Lookin like a contender, a steady amount of new fans a day, workin on it”

David Arens - Gettin There