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“Hi guyz this is Steve. Ur x-drummer. Just wanted 2 apologize 4 talkin crap about ur drummr. It was imature of me 2 send all those angry rambling texts, emails, FB messages, FB comments, dickpix, and RN comments throughout th years. Im sober now since i turnd 33. Its all the more embrassing considrin that I was only in the band for about 3 months way back in 2011. I totally undrstand that being in a band with me was more work than fun and that it was rude and maNIPulative 2 always demand rides n ask 4 favors n money when I knew U couldnt say no. If I were in ur shoes I woulda kicked me out of the band too. I'm glad 2 see that since we parted ways 3 years ago U became a much better band n got 2 play some cool shows. Its wonderful 2 see that U recorded n released an album! Congratz! That never would have happened had I been in the band. Heck U wouldnt have been able 2 afford a practice space with me in the band! (No job no prob! Right? LOL) Anyway, glad 2 C ur doing well.Toodles! xoxoxox”

our ex-drummer Steve - Sober Messages From Our Ex

“Your drummer sucks. You replaced me with this guy?!?!? Does he even listen to the songs before you play them? PS, I'm drunk right now. It beats getting a job. -Steve”

our ex-drummer Steve - Drunk Messages From Our Ex

“You guys are my favorite band of all time! Keep your chin up, boys! PS, stop masturbating. I have to kill a kitten every time you do it.”

God - Whispers from Heaven

“I dig the music, but I hate the singing”

Various People - Things That Various People Have Told Us

“1.21 gigawatts!?!?!”

Doc Brown - Metric Prefixes Weekly

“These songs are so pretty!”

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