Yessongs / Press

“As a "YES" fan for 35 years, i know the music well and seen them live 6 times. I am in serious shock here. You found yourself a "DIAMOND" in the rough! I simply can not believe! What you have here could stun the world of music! Alston Berrey ”

“As probably one of the "most devoted" Jon Anderson fans of all time, I have to say these guys blew my mind. It's like being able to play Mozart like Mozart. It is pure poetry and I am sure if Jon were listening he would be smiling. Amazing stuff!!!!!!!!!! You fan, T.J. Phoenix”

“I absolutely love Yes and YOU!!!! You are absolutely fantastic! How impressively you have covered this music. I have great respect for you. This is totally awesome beyond words!!! I can't applaud you enough!!!”

“Wow! I am honored to be your fan and to have you as my friends and fan. You guys rock! Can't wait to hear more! I am so pleased that you will take the music of one of the greatest bands of the 20th century to the next generation! Jeff”

“Totally amazing indeed, you seem to have every inflection , every nuance of the original Yes.I'm most impressed! K :) ”

Kevin Hewick - MYSPACE

“Yes tribute bands are the rarest and everybody knows why - they are just too difficult; a strange witches brew that even Yes never understood. A band doesn't attempt something that powerful unless they know exactly what they're doing and have not only the brazen gusto but the talent to match”


“Roger’s voice being so similar to Anderson plays a big role in Yessongs haunting aura. It’s almost spooky. If Roger were to sub for Anderson in Yes’ current tour I think everybody in the crowd would look at each other puzzled. “Wait a minute! Is this Anderson’s younger brother!?” ”


“Generally, when a band 'covers' a song, the audience is treated to an "interpretation", but you guys have NAILED this music. It takes a close listen to discern that this is 'a cover' and that is simply amazing! Either that, or you took 'liking YES' to an unhealthy level...;)”