Yellow Dead Bettys / Press

“Appearing not only locally but also in surrounding states like Michigan, Illinois and Ohio, Yellow Dead Bettys walk the fine line of most working bands, playing as many originals as they can while providing the venue with the covers that bring people through the door.”

“Their name isn’t a play on the Pearl Jam song “Yellow Lead Better.” Trust me, I asked. Yellow Dead Bettys are something a bit more original than that.”

“Part of the music scene for over a decade, Yellow Dead Bettys' Aerosmith-meets-Hinder style has an all-ages appeal. "Long Way Home", "Sleep Alone", and "Sweet Jane" conjure images of 70's era Boston rockers, while the title track an "Nicotine Girl" have a modern feel.”

““It’s still rock ’n’ roll””

“Buy B.P.M. for the big, speaker-shaking riffs; stay for the songs. You won’t be shutting this one down. Nope”

“Yellow Dead Bettys are modern rockers from Fort Wayne”