Year of October / Press

“The group, who recently released their epic album, Golden Days, creates an intricate and brilliant twist on the Rock n' Roll meets Blues genre.”

“Year of October have recently released, in what I would refer to as a musical masterpiece.”

“Straight from the heart, the group provide a soulful and powerful sound that surely makes Nashville proud.”

“Nashville band Year of October is making a splash around Music City U.S.A and beyond.”

“A Southern-sounding back to basics band with the knack for writing catchy hooks and riffs.”

“The bluesy rock 'n' roll outfit release the newest single from their 'Golden Days' LP, a release that offersup a collection of heartwarming songs that instantly feels like home.”

“I missed this band this past year and wish I had listened earlier.”

“Year of October is a back-to-basics Bluesy-Rock n’ Roll band that calls Nashville,TN. Their new record “Golden Days,” instantly became a favorite of mine after discovering the band late 2014”

“Our single 'Gone' was inspired by the book Gone Baby Gone by Dennis Lehane. We love to read and love stories and a lot of times that shows through in the songs we write. - Phlecia from the interview”

“We're clearly digging us some steady, gritty blues this week, and are thrilled to be able to find it in our own backyard.”

“Golden Days delivers so give it a spin.”

“Their combination of sultry, soulful vocals and in-the-pocket grooves are guaranteed to melt your butter.”

“2013 has been good to Year Of October and 2014 is looking just as bright, if not even better.”

""Stories" digs deep into blues territory. Its heavy and biting, with organ and Phlecia Sullivan's propensity to end phrases with a Patti Smith-esque uptick giving it plenty of personality."

“Phlecia had always been interested in old blues and jazz singers and grew up trying to emulate them. Josh grew up playing in various rock bands with friends. Growing up on bands like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin is what inspired him to play music.”

“They offer up a unique mix of rock, blues and folk. I love the vocals and "classic" sounding music.”

"Year of October‘s soothing sounds penetrate any worry, stress or discomfort and can bring the listener back to their roots, returning the feeling of ease that is so frequently lost within the pace of life."