“Yazmin Soul, the only female artist in the concert, graced the stage with her soulful voice laid over smooth hip hop beats. Growing up the daughter of a member of the Drifters, a popular American doo-wop and R&B group, Yazmin was always surrounded by music. Although she is influenced by artists such as Jasmine Sullivan, Jill Scott, and Jennifer Hudson, Yazmin is proud to have developed her own style flipping hip hop songs and making her “own print in the music business.” Her experience in the off broadway play “What About Your Friends” helped her gain the confidence to accept her artistry and pursue a career in the music business. Yazmin is currently working on her mixtape entitled Yazmin’s Turn which is expected for release later in the year.”

“Wowwww your voice is amazing. Music is great. Im def a fan.”


“Very soulful seasoned beautiful voice, You're truly a gifted artists. Be well on your musical endeavors. -Charlie”


“Showin luv from Lafayette, La. Your music is unique and genuine.”


“ya voice is so dope i hope to hear so much more from you”


"I Refuse" is Dope! Great vocals! keep up the creativity. Be back for more.

fan - fan

“Great stuff! JM”

fan/artist - John moukarzl

“Hello, My name is Daniel Johnson and I just want to let you know how much I am enjoying your tracks”

FAn - daniel johnny johnson

“ your voice is heavenly... i love it! you got my support honey! keep grindin, see u at the top ;) ”

fan/artist - Madrina MAria

“ You're a REAL singer! Love TURNED ITS CHEEK. Are you kidding me! I would be honored to work with you...I can sing some back up! That's about it!!! ”

Fan/artist - Dolly G

“ Loving the voice mama! Keep doin ya thang!!! ”

fan - cas

“ You are a true gem!!Very inspiring music!!! Much success on RN and beyond! ”

Fans/artist - pace ride

“ Love your vocals and sound ”

fan - lars bo

“Very talented ~”

Fan/Artist - jflo daboss

“Stopping by to listen some more! I like "FLASH EM A SMILE FT…". I'm a fan! It's a little different from what I do but I still like it. All the best! Ciro Amaral”