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“With a degree in Business Economics from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, Yasmeen started writing her own songs by age thirteen. By age sixteen, she was already recording her first album - 'My Sunshine', which was released in 1997. In 1998, she released 'FAITH', an inspirational album co-written by, and dedicated to her mother Victoria. Yasmeen stunned audiences everywhere with her vocal abilities and soon earned the nickname 'Golden Voice' from critics and through music reviews.”

“So good I thought I'd post another from the same label!”

“Here is a video to phenomenal Ghanaian Afro-Soul songstress, Yasmeen Helwani’s “Paddy” song. Video was shot and directed by Nana Kofi Asihene for NKACC. It is a warm, down to earth video to complement a warm song too. Sources tell me, this year, Yasmeen will return from her self-imposed hiatus with more videos, singles and maybe headline her own concert. We wish her well but in the mean time enjoy “Paddy” below.”

"DEY SUFFER" - This track – featuring Yasmeen Helwani (daughter of the late and legendary Faisal Helwani – let it never be said that there are no cool Lebanese-Ghanaians) is on immediate replay. It’s like a Diaspora anthem, mourning but understanding the need for people to leave Motherland. Richy’s broken beats & horns kick in midway into the tune and then Yasmeen kills it. I hear this isn’t her usual fare. If so, I beg Yas: reconsider. This suits you.

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