Yarn / Press

“...simply great writers and musicians playing songs that the common man can relate to... ”

“One of the best records (Empty Pockets) I've heard all the way through in the newgrass/bluegrass/alt-country style is from the Brooklyn based band Yarn. ”

“So rooted in the American culture that it is hard not to be drawn to it”

Brooklyn Courier News

“Crushing, Perfect Twang”

“Sometimes you know from the first note you are listening to a winner”

“Yarn has added its own signature to a genre you think you know intimately. ”

“I'm excited to get to sing with this band. they have a lot of heart and soul. ”

“Each independent member of Yarn really brings their own flavor to the group, melding it into a treat for everyone’s ears.”

“For a long time, I said that I don’t like country music, but it turns out that I just don’t like pop country.”

“This is highly recommended music for fans of real country music with an outsider’s edge, and while that’s not always my thing, this is too good to ignore ”

“The band has chops, no question. Yarn is a virtuosic collective whose members blended fluid mandolin runs with lovely close vocal harmonies, firm, crisp bass lines, and on-point drums on bluegrass-inflected, country-leaning songs ”