Yamn / Press

“Their set was a blend of multiple genres of traditional music all with an electronic blend of pulsating dance beats, bass drops and synthesized awesomeness. Feeding the crowd a buffet of exotic musical flavors, the room was gluttonous for heaping helpings of everything on the Yamn menu.”

“We were basically rehearsing, working on writing new material, taking a vacation because we were on tour for about five years in a row, doing 100 or 120 shows a year," he said. "We toured everywhere from Seattle to New York City, so we were pretty beat. Everyone enjoyed a little time off from the road”

“Over the last eight years, YAMN has honed a sound that mashes elements of livetronica into rock and vice versa, and with the release of their first album in five years, the band is rejuvenated and ready to soldier on together on the next leg of their journey.”

“The self described “Progressive Electro Trance Fusion” group resembled the likes of Umphrey's McGee with flairs of a synthesized keyboard crossed with guitar riffs that might be described as Ween-esque. Yamn jammed out music with funk, rock, and even some tunes that resembled some of Galactic's style of techno beats.”

“they now call Denver home and are embraced by a huge following of beautiful women in bright colors, lovers of jam bands, and anyone looking to be lit up by an incredible light show and unique sound made for head-banging and sweaty dancing.”

“But damn am I glad that I caught Yamn. It was my first time catching these local boys and they had the crowd pumping on lock. For lack of a better term I’m going to say they’re next generation STS9 and are set to give CO what it needs on the electro rock front.”

“Yamn is a band that is not afraid to take control of their destiny”

“...a Denver-based progressive-electro-trance-fusion band held the stage next in an almost Rush-like setting from the ‘80’s. Completely back lit, the four musicians held their positions on stage while smoke fused with the light show and the crowd really started grooving.”

“New Groove of the Month - 2008”

“The good news about the Yamn show was that is was such a diverse and talented outlay of music by an unimpeachably cohesive and capable jam band”

“The Yamn band isn’t your typical jam band, nor does it want to be”