YahKali/Amandla / Press

“. . . YahKali is next and I have to say that, from his three songs, I was VERY impressed. Coming in with three very well known talents and two lesser known ones to my ears, I finish this album thinking that I'd like to hear more of his work, in particular, at some point in the future because he is excellent. By the slimmest of margins, his first song, 'As I Am' is my pick of the best of his lot. Along with possibly having the best riddim behind it on the whole of "Powerlink" (BEAUTIFUL!), this is a powerful and serene praising tune - sounding something like you might hear from Luciano, actually. Everything about this one is a winner and it resonates well beyond its completion. It also has a great feel to it and you hear a small variation of the sound throughout, making for one dynamic piece (and I still call it serene - it is both) and a most memorable presentation as well. YahKali returns with another sizable offering in 'Debt In Slavery' which continues to impress . . .”

“AMANDLA RETURNS AFTER WEST COAST TOUR WITH NEW EP RELEASE Mark Vogt – Trinity Publications DECEMBER – The AMANDLA BAND has ended its ‘POWERLINK Tour’ and has returned to the Northeast, USA. The tour linked together a collection of five shows that stretched throughout Northern California. Starting in Santa Cruz, CA it continued to empower places such as Grass Valley, CA, Bolinas, CA and the band concluded strongly in Caspar, CA. Since AMANDLA’s first tour in Northern California in 2011, it became clear confirmation that the fan base and growing awareness for this ROOTS REGGAE group had been expanding nationwide. The band reached new heights with its new music and expanded performances. AMANDLA’s growing fans were pleasantly surprised every night with newly added music previews. AMANDLA added 2 new musicians, performing with the band on tour, Toussaint the Liberator and Empress Nephertiti. Several original ROOTS compositions added to the performance list and AMANDLA’s new”

“First up on my radars today is a very interesting release full of extremely familiar names and faces here as the fittingly titled "Power Link", to my knowledge, is the first release of tunes by the very active Amandla Band collective. WHO? The group includes Achis Reggae favourites Toussaint The Liberator, Ras Iba ["He has found Jah!"] as well as the incomparable genius that is Tuff Lion and Burnie T and Yahkali also.. The piece is a six track EP style record which showcases each of the band's members on lead vocals for one track and it also includes a gorgeous instrumental track (I did say that Tuff Lion was in the group and definitely check out his own new release, "I Want The World To Know [The Love Of Jah]"). Of course, the reviewer in me wishes so badly that this was a full album, but anytime I can get new music from these artists, in any way, you know I'm going to be interested and while the line is certainly crowdy (biggup Merciless), "Power Link" is one of the best EP's that th”