XSARA / Press

“‘With a distinctive, gutsy voice and fresh twist on the blues / jazz genres, XSARA stopped us in our tracks. 100% catchy and one to watch.’ ”

"Bright, colourful, and effervescent- Xsara is a musician renowned for her dazzling live performance. With a style that incorporates blues, cabaret, jazz and pop; this is a show woman with the full package- a striking look, incredible songs and one helluva voice. Her inspiration from enigmatic performers such as Kate Bush, Tori Amos and Janis Joplin shines through- they are all strong, forthright females who refuse to compromise on their creative identity- and neither does Xsara. Having been tipped for big things by BBC Introducing, Q Magazine and most importantly- us- we highly recommend this show if you need a night with a bit of sparkle."

~Emerging Icons (Quote #1)

"Startling looks and a personality the length of the Yellow Brick Road have been known to divert attention from an average voice - but in Xsara's case it's the voice that somehow upstages everything else. Her show at The Dublin Castle was the most colourful and engaging gig I've been to this year." -Andy Westcott, Evening presenter, Q Radio

"Blues-jazz-pop-ette, Xsara...extravagantly dressed with a big voice and personality to match, this lovely lady is ready to take the music industry by storm. "

"XSARA writes unique and inspiring music...producing truly engaging and innovative songs. I have played her music twice on my unsigned show on Shoreditch Radio."

-Zoe Cunningham, Presenter, Shoreditch Radio

" XSARA never failed to engage her audience with her strong stage presence, finely crafted evocative songs and jazz-filled voice...'Are You Living In A Paradox?' is new, vibrant and oddly comforting, like a breath of fresh air - just what the London scene needs."

"Xsara strode onto our stage with the majesty and grace of a major visiting dignitary. From start to finish she delivered walloping bluesy numbers in a manner that sometimes evoked the much missed Amy Winehouse. Her personality is as big as her tunes and we'd like to think she'll be playing much larger stages than ours anytime soon."

"There was glitter, there was glamour, there was razzle, there was dazzle – and it all came gift wrapped in the form of the girl known as XSARA! This was showbiz at its VERY BEST. From the outset, Xsara, had the audience in the palm of her hand with a spellbinding performance – and this girl can’t half sing as well! An effortlessly audacious blend of cabaret, pop and jazz laced with brilliantly executed twists of blues from her harmonica player and band. To say she stole the show would be an understatement… Xsara was the show!"

"Lottie & I absolutely loved XSARA's music on Cambridge 105 Breakfast, she has a unique voice and an intriguing style!"

-Neil Whiteside, Presenter, Cambridge 105

“Now for something very different to almost everything that I’ve ever featured... killer combination of her out-there look and her tongue-in-cheek lyrics. it’s clear that we should definitely be paying attention to this girl...Full of simple, classy pianos, show-stopping vocals and blasts of brass topped off with the scream of the harmonica, this is a flamboyant cabaret act that you’ll find yourself falling in love with again and again.”

“XSARA... a fabulous and funky fusion of pop, blues, and cabaret sounds... The Scriptwriter' is a progressive and quirky jazz-riddled pop song that is only fully justified when enjoyed visually as well as audibly. XSARA showcases her great vocal range before brass swells and a soloing-harmonica bring the track to life, atop a grooving rhythm section. It's a real toe-tapper and one I'm sure is just as suited in a dark and dingy jazz-cellar as it would be in a bright, sassy burlesque club." ”

"Xsara certainly knows a thing or two about stage presence, quiffed in a shocking red hairdo and festooning the stage with roses and glitter before singing a note. It’s better than four ordinary band blokes in tea towel shirts any day. When she does, on electric piano, also covered in flowers, she’s backed up by twin brass section and band, and the Xsara sound is reminiscent of the Dresden Dolls doing a New Orleans jamboree. There’s some tender moments too, with delicate piano melodies and hushed tones, before vertical drops of piano scales crash in like a waterfall and a very alt-soulful voice that might easily out-diva Beth Ditto rips you out of your reverie. It’s 21st century cabaret-jazz with a hint of gothic melodrama but with a nod of respect to Amy Winehouse and her peers. However its definitely not for the lazy or bland mainstream ear. Music for useful for making out on the coffee table than lying on it.”

""Powerful voice, songwriting with attitude and great stage presence..., one lady to definitely keep an eye on"-Monto (Paul Ryan) www.themonto.com

"It makes a change to have a song with a lyrical intensity of poetic proportions... Musically and vocally it brings to mind Bjork... The arrangement is welcomely unorthodox...definitely odd but the dynamic transition into it is a good one, it's reminiscent of the 80s hyper-clicky sound, the one taken to its extreme by Herbie Hancock’s Rocket track...got great attitude in its looseness and the intensity and power that builds within the vocal...quirky for sure but has character and individuality which is all too rare these days. ."