“Killer tracks Enjoyed the listen”

Demon Boy - Demon Boy

“Hey, XPANSION THEORY, thank you a lor for visiting our profile! I'm listening to Seeds and love the drum sound (that massive bass drum sound is damn heavy) as well as the vocal talent, from shrieks to growl, fro melody to anger, everything is there, great job! Greetings from the Czech Republic”

Demencia Mortalis

“Seeds rocks - awesome guitar riff, excellent work!”

On Ithenfal's Wing

“Heavy hitting, in your face hard rock\m/! Love the aggression!!!!! Love IT!!!”


“Starting like Voodoo Child and then going dark. Good combination in Seeds. Well - Black Sabbath is a ruin. But we have you :)”

Art Lip

“Rockin' out to "Parasidix" right now..face melting magic!”

Delaney Simpson

“heavy metal at its finest!! you guys rock!!!!”


" Seeds " rocked my world in Minneapolis..

The Fabulous Del Counts

“Sickening thrashy broken relentless brutal!”

The Singular Effect

“Awesome music guys, I like it a lot!! The heavy alternative/metal sound is executed well!”

An Atlas To Advance

“Great music you have, you rock!!!”

FX TV Sons of Anarchy hard rock/metal band Berdoo - BERDOO

“Awesome muzZzik...... great stuff................ just loved it............ lots of love from India........”


“Seeds is a great piece of song writing.”

The Lost Will Follow



“Great metal here! Every track ROCKS! Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden

“hell yeah guys, you guys kick major ass! we gotta tear some stages up soon!”

~Vex March~ - Particle Son

“Meteoric Rock Metal,uncontainable mass of MegawattAge sound,have a cool SunDay, Peace and World Love, Johnny”

Johnny Bonkers

“Good vibes over there ! Your music kick up our asses and we love it ! We do wish you all the best from Paris !”


“Loving the originality… really awesome tunes … great variety and depth… wishing you the very best”

NewTribeZ Radio

“XT!!! Our peeps!!! Wish Phx wasn't so damn far away!!! We need to do a show together and tear some shit up!!! \M/\M/”

Twelve Years Driven

“Taking some time to show some love to you guys! I can't help but to start headbanging while listening to your tunes \mm/ I really dig that each of your tunes have their own sound to them.”


“Diggin' your pounding sound! This is what metal should be! ~ Rod”

Rod - The Garage

“Bangin' my head to Xpansion Theory!! You guys just put me in an awesome mood! \m/”

Christy Chemical

“Fuck yes, This shit is Legit, some motherfukers out there could take some lessons. Good shit guys”

Beyond Fate

“Yeah Xpansion Theory is killer! It's got that kind of gnarly sound that only bands like Motorhead can muster up! This is awesome. Cheers from Take Away The Ugly”

Take Away The Ugly

“I could write an essay about your music but I will simply say: "SUPERB!" and repeat it a thousand times!”

Helder Rock - Helder Rock a.k.a. The Misfit

“No doubt, my favorite find on RN! This is the kind of band that gets my fucking blood pumping and makes me want to break shit! Rock on!”

John Cheney - john cheney

“Seeds Has this awesome Black Sabbath vibe mixed with some old school thrash elements present in the mix. the voice reminds me of Nuclear Assault. Parasitix runs around the vibes of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Between The Buried and Me. But still retains the old school thrash vibe. Very clever track. Speaking of clever, I see what you guys did there on Loot (Tool backwards) and of course the track is heavily influenced by Tool. Awesome work guys. Will be back for more. Keep it Metal \m/.”

“Xpansion Theory is a heavy rock and metal group forged of the Sonoran Desert. Their sound consists of grooving, head bobbing riffs with passionate vocal work. Their five piece group has been showing Phoenix, and the rest of Arizona, just what their made of by recently topping internet charts.”

~Alternative Pulse Magazine