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“The EP continues the exemplary run of well produced music that the band have continued to put out in recent years. Each track, no matter its approach, sounds big and confident in its execution. 'Three Of Three: Rubedo' is a fitting send off for a band such as XP8. The band have an enviable back catalogue of intelligent electronic music and have let their work have the final word. It's been a great run and it's sad to see them go. But XP8 have made their mark and this EP trilogy is the full stop on a great career.”

“The wait is finally over. XP8's final EP has hit, and this marks the end of them as an entity. [...] In all honesty, and without sarcasm, I will be missing Visconti's blunt and truthful words that always seem to have a shock and awe effect on the scene in general. His no-bullshit approach to laying down the line as he sees fits has led many to be thankful for his disappearance from the alternative dance scene, but I will certainly be missing it all. Everyone has an opinion; his just managed to cause more of a stir and controversy. And those inflammatory speeches are some of the best I've heard. But, more than that, I will be missing his and Marko Resurreccion's creative love child that will forever be known as XP8. And I think this EP has made me sadder than ever to realize that they're gone for good. Another five tracks come in a twenty minute package, and it sounds like some of the best material I've heard from them thus far. [...] Rating 9/10”

“...it's bittersweet knowing that this is the second-to-last release that shall be coming out from XP8. But, times change, as does music. And, if there is anything I can really say, it's that I'm glad that they are going out on a high note. Some bands come and have their time, serving great releases, but their original intentions fade as time goes on, dissipating into nothing more than a past fiasco that no one really remembers or cares for. These guys aren't doing that; they're leaving the fans and the genre wanting more from them, and that is the best way to go out. To satisfy fans, and have a great run as they have is an accomplishment that few can ever hope to achieve. But they have.”

“This is another solid release from a band at the top of their game and producing some of the best music in their discography. Which makes the fact that this is the second to last release planned all the more bitter-sweet. XP8 are aiming to go out on a high, but its a shame they're leaving us at all when they still have releases like this to offer.”

“XP8 group already in the previous release made ​​it clear that on the music scene is unmatched by none, in terms of building original compositions. This album only confirms the ingenuity and lightness in created sound. 4.5/5 - 90%”

“If last year's outstanding cyberpunk concept album 'Adrenochrome' and it's remix companion 'Meathead's Lost HD' weren't enough to convince the doubters, then the duos latest outing should. 'One Of Three: Nigredo' is the first of a three-part EP series that conceptually explores the alchemical process set to a heady mix of old school trance distilled through modern edm that once again pushes the boundaries of alternative dance music. That may be something that some people will have trouble getting their heads around, but the simple fact is XP8 are back and doing what they do best. [...] '… Nigredo' shows that there is definitely no sign of putrefaction in the XP8 sound. In fact, just as you think you've got them nailed now, they still manage to pull something great out of the bag. If all three EPs in this series are as strong as this then prepare to hear a lot from them over the next couple of years.”

“These will be themed too, this time around the three phases of the alchemical process, ostensibly about turning base metals into gold but also representing a person’s occult development. The first, Nigredo, refers to the occultist accepting and facing the darkness within them. It sounds like the kind of theme which would apply to a dark ambient album but fear not, there’s no drastic change in direction for the band here. What we have is a bass heavy collection of unashamed dancefloor tunes which will please any fan of Adrenochrome with four new tracks and a muscular remix of Information by UK EBM producer Phaezek 4. [...] XP8 achieved a new high with the well-received Adrenochrome and Nigredo shows no faltering in that quality. It’s pretty easy to recommend – if you like XP8’s previous work you’ll definitely like this, and it will be very interesting to finally get hold of all three parts and see how they work together as a whole piece.”

“Marco and Marko are back at it with a smash n’ grab EP. [...] It’s scattergun fun all the way on this outing of sidechains and galloping bass triplet, starting off with a pitch-bent continuation of the “Dolly” saga, and continuing with pure floorbait in “Engage The Bass”. “Primitive” is the highlight, coming by its stripes honestly: classic EBM basswork with a titch of acid building to a keening chorus that gives Marko’s vocal chops the spotlight they deserve, before giving way to “Troll Control”, a screed which’ll ring familiar to anyone familiar with Signor Visconti’s internet antics. As breezy as all of this sounds, it’s apparently part of a trilogy of alchemy-minded EPs, each themed around a specific transmutative process. We don’t know Flamel from flannel, but it seems likely this stuff would make Paracelsus’ mercury rise.”

"Adrenochrome" is a refreshing piece of dark electro music with a trancey edge and marked synth pop and more influences tucked into the songs without following any trend or belonging clearly to one "genre" or the other. Of course I won’t give away too much of the storyline here, as you had better read it for yourself (you get the full version when you buy the album). Only that much - an important leitmotif throughout the whole story is being on the run, and that reflects clearly on such driven, up-tempo songs as "Awakenings" or "Camden Town". [...] No labels, no rules, just great music - that’s what "Adrenochrome" is all about. If you like your music entertaining and dance-compatible but are also into deeper, more meaningful stuff, go for "Adrenochrome". You won’t regret it!

“...Since they've seen and experienced a lot of positive as well as negative things this scene has to offer, they are matured enough with their programming skills not to let this new album come out as a pure, blatant stomp-fest. I actually find myself being entertained by their chosen sounds and I am able to consume their tracks without kicking against the loudspeakers. 'Awakenings', 'Night Run' and the very catchy, Futurepop-inspired 'Inside Their Heads' are impressive produced dancefloor-tunes and can be counted to the favorites on here. As for a musically contrast, the angst-driven, dark and raw sounding synth-pads with the sinister drum pattern-programming of a track like 'Going Underground' impresses totally. Finally I too ask myself, why they aren't a bit more successful to become global scene-players, because musically, as well as sound-wisely here's nothing to complain.”

“This is a must for fans of the industrial genre. It has a unique feel-good vibe, languishing in the decay around us all and relishing that path of destruction. It’s a difficult vibe to describe, but it’s bloody liberating. Truly, an ethereal ride through the abyss of intoxication.”

“Adrenochrome feels like a moment at which a longstanding band’s strengths finally come into focus thanks not only to more polish, but to an ability to marshal everything they’ve done before alongside a host of new sounds. Blending all of those, keeping touches of futurepop, electro, EBM, and, yes, dubstep all in sync and overlapping with another is a testament to XP8′s skills as arrangers, and to Adrenochrome‘s capacity to dazzle.”

“Each of the 11 tracks on Adrenochrome seem to effortlessly flow into each other. Adrenochrome playfully flirts with a wide variety of genres like house, techno, trance and electro, which seems like the frosting on an already well baked and developed EBM industrial cake. Get ready to dance your asses off! Almost every track on Adrenochrome is a contender for a bonafide club smash, with the exception of "Going Underground", which has a slower, darker, more ominous vibe. [...] Adrenochrome is quite possibly one of the best albums of 2013.”

“...ultimately, this album wasn't three years in the making for just one reason - it's a clear labour of love, and an evolved, stoic effort that both adds freshness to the group and paves the way for a new era of listeners. For those who previously couldn't make their mind up about XP8, this is probably the best album to have a listen to. For those who have never liked the band, I can't honestly say this will change your mind - but it will be the best shot the group will have to convert you. Towards the end of the album, we even take a trip down memory lane with some classic Futurepop style tracks that give a respectful nod towards 2005's 'Hrs:Min:Sec.' However, it's unfair to say that the band are stuck in that loop. The group are much better now than ever before, and actually, the ghost of "HMS" could well and truly be exorcised here. As I said, it isn't the perfect release, but it feels like the duo's strongest so far.”

“'Adrenochrome' feels like XP8 have finally been let loose without constraint and as a result they have seriously upped their game in terms of production and song-writing. The album is intelligent, innovative and cohesively ties in with the atmosphere of the novel without denting its club-friendly credentials. It's a rewarding experience and one that perhaps even warrants dramatising or animating to cover all the media bases.”

““Adrenochrome” is very well produced, have some really amazing atmospheres of futuristic theme and every track keep a solid and cohersive structure. It’s catchy with strong melodies like the addictive “Night Run” or the album opener “Awakenings” to name a few. It is full speed from the very start and some tracks are more aggressive than others, like “Beyond The Looking Glass” or like the amazing and more melodic 80′s vibe “Hostages”. This is probably the bands most diverse album to date and strike with a modern Futurepop sound with strong beats and many floor fillers. The story is actually one that was written by Marko in the late 90′s and set in a future London and follows two characters that struggle to stay away from different organizations from being captured that want the information they have. I’m looking forward to read this ebook and as the Sci-Fi fan I am, I think it would be really interesting to see this as a full length movie. Don’t you think?”

“XP8 has done a great job, blowing us out of our socks! The sound and the production is just so professional! They have balls and they kick ass as never before! - 89/100”

“the music here isn't any kind of great departure for XP8, EBM with a heavy influence of trance and techno and both eyes firmly on the dancefloor, but every track flows together seamlessly with no weak links to create an album that works better as a whole than most of their previous releases. Stand out songs for me were Beyond The Looking Glass with its sudden furious chorus of “Louder, Louder, Louder than your ears can take, Harder, Harder, Harder than a fuckin' bomb” and the dark, dirty, sinister beats of Showdown, while Hostages has a gentler, more 80's feel that breaks up the second half of the album nicely. This is another step in the evolution of XP8 and is well worth getting hold of if you like good, honest, catchy EBM. Sadly real life commitments mean the band won't be able to tour as much in the immediate future so if the chance to see them live comes up for you, I suggest you grab it.”

“All in all, every track on this EP could pack a dance floor depending on the setting; there’s really something here for everyone as each remix finds clever ways to present the originals in a new light. That’s the high mark of excellence every remix album should strive fo”

““Burning Down” is of course the track with most remixes, six to the count, of this 12-track EP. Marco and Marko have really managed to put together a strong set of remixes here with lots of diversity from many different genres. Read Harsh Electro, TBM, Experimental, EBM, Techno and Electropop for example. And that is really good. Even though many bands seem to hit the same style it is the result of the track that counts and it is there you’ll notice the different styles. The club appeal is of course the big part here and many tracks will serve its purpose well on the dancefloor. But one great part with it is that you still recognize the core of the XP8 sound.”

“XP8 “A Decade of Decadence” is a shining example of cross over industrial. Now, what I mean by that, is that they have a lot of traditional elements housed in Futurepop of the early 2000’s mixed in with scoring aggression. I hear a lot of Apoptygma Berzerk in there in both the music style and the vocal style – and not full on Harmonizer Apop either – more 7 Apop. There is a lot of jumpy synths and standard beats, and epic choirs and dancing – it’s really a flashback for me. I think it’s really excellently put together. I’ve been looking for a band to replace Apop in my collection and I can say that XP8 has filled the void for me.”

“...the new EP, regardless of the club affinity has become quite a serene release by XP8 terms. Its strength lies in the depth of what’s being delivered. A strong, at times disturbing release! 9/10”

“Ottimo, Ottimo, Ottimo. E non potevano assolutamente esserci dubbi. Entra nella top 10 dell'anno sicuramente, e Fragility è una perla, di rara bellezza. Remix "principe", quello degli Autodafeh, che cambia radicalmente The Art of Revenge, pezzo che un remix correrebbe seriamente il rischio di "rovinare", e che invece questo remix declina in una versione straordinaria”

“Clubgoers are likely to become acquainted with these songs in the setting that best suits them, and presumably Resurreccion and Visconti are fine with that, judging by the straight up dancefloor style they’re pushing on their anniversary release. In that it makes a strong statement about who XP8 are and what they do, X: A Decade of Decadence delivers.”

“This release is the next chapter for the band and their sure prove an evolvement with the new tracks that bring a strong club potential to a very melodic structure even if the EP draws similarities to the 2008 album “The Art Of Revenge” in style. But in a much more mature way. But as with “Drop The Mask”, this EP is so much more than just hard-pumping club hits. The track “Decadence” is an amazing futurepop constellation of strong melodies and great vocals by Marko, something that reminds me of “Blind” from the latest album. Even if the selected remixed tracks is among their most popular ones, the contrast to their sound today is noticed. However, the bands have interpreted the songs well and delivers two great club versions.”

“...due tracce quali 'Bullet Hole' e 'Burning Down' non possono che trasmettere un profondo senso di nostalgia per i momenti migliori dell'ebm e quegli anni in cui veramente si credeva di cambiare il mondo. Un'opener del genere vale da sola l'acquisto del mini e il loop con il secondo brano è inevitabile.... Dubito seriamente che qualcuno possa fare meglio quest'anno ma se avete seguito i nostri passati proclami non c'è da sorprendersi.”

“I think “balanced” is a good word to sum up this entire CD… a blend of old and new, that leaves you wanting more, but also extremely satisfied with what you have heard. If this is the result of a Decade of Decadence, may the party continue for another 10 years.”

“...sicuramente questo è il miglior disco degli XP8, anche perchè stavolta vanno per la propria strada senza guardare le charts, e sembrano paradossalmente ottenere più consensi. ”

“Sens dubte, aquest disc portarà a la primera fila de l'escena dark industrial a XP8. En definitiva, ho té tot. Moltes cançons destinades als clubs i tot un discàs per escoltar a casa. Felicitats a XP8 i a tots aquells que s'animin a comprar-lo. Indispensable. Forza XP8!”

“Drop The Mask changes their sound once again by throwing in all manner of new Electro beats that are closer to dirty House than they are to Trance. Add to that guest vocals by Daniel Graves, Faderhead, and Fetish Dolly and XP8 delivers their best effort yet with ease.”

“Seitdem geht es steil nach oben für diese Ausnahmeformation, die sich auf ihrem neuesten Werk „Drop The Mask“ nicht nur gereifter, sondern auch stilistisch geschlossener präsentieren.”

“...l'audio preview di "Drop The Mask" non fa che confermare queste sensazioni, che spingono gli XP8 oltre il discorso di genere, abbracciando il termine 'electro' sotto nuove e più intriganti sfumature... ”

“...ebbene signori quello che sta massacrando il mio stereo da qualche ora è uno dei singoli più prorompenti e strabordanti talento che l'elettronica alternativa ricordi da molti anni a questa parte... ...A questo punto è lecito attendersi il massimo da 'Drop The Mask'.”

“„Du willst es doch auch“, scheint die neue Veröffentlichung der Ausnahmeformation XP8 dem Hörer ins Gesicht zu schreien... ...Ja, wir wollen XP8! ”

“...a real standout point on this track is that there’s a solid focus on passionate and personal lyrics at select points from the Italian duo and as a result we think that this latest track will identify on a personal level with many fans like never before.”

“I think XP8 has really succeeded with this single and I recommend every living electro-dancing soul out there to get this single.”

“‘Want it’ isn’t a stylistic departure for XP8; rather it marks a point on the road to perfecting their sound. The real changes are in the details. Club goes will find great pleasure in every single one of the tracks. Also could come in handy on a private party.”