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“Xombie named one of "The Best Of NYC's Indie Music Scene In 2014"”

“It's a take-no-prisoners sound, a dynamic, super-tight offshoot of nu-metal that resonates with the fear, frustration and uncertainty of modern urban living.”

“Xombie - 'Capital X' Added to Pandora Radio”

"Xombie, is definitely different combining rhyming skills with a heavy-hitting backdrop. Their album Capital X is one of the most creative and weighty recordings to emerge in some time."

“Capital X is an album that fans of hard rock can enjoy, but it also transcends genre in its musical intensity and strong lyrical content. Throughout the album, Xombie raises awareness to the modern slavery that exists in a society that touts the benefits of a “free market.” For a smart album, that has the power to get you through the toughest of work outs, check out Capital X.”

“One of the hardest things to figure out in music is what is real and what is fake. What’s real is it’s hard to deny Xombie as they climb out of the unknown scene and make a name for themselves, leading the revolution with Hip-Hop Hood Metal”

“Once upon a time in the 90's rock and rap were odd bed fellows... some artists like Public Enemy, Anthrax and Rage Against the Machine made it work, until over-saturation kicked in. Another band that is making it work is this five piece from New York... Xombie brings back the purity of this coupling.”

“[Atom Crews'] vocal styling remind me of a cross between Atmosphere and Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies... If you have ever like harder edged hip raps with rocking beats regardless of how closely it comes to metal, then this album is worth a listen. These guys can flow with the best of them and they look to have all the makings of starting their own wave of music.”

“The quintet, hailing from New York City, have been crafting music they term as ‘Hood Metal’ that fits like a barbed wire glove. And it has been hitting just as hard since their inception in 2010. From that point until now, the band has seen their critical acclaim grow along with their exposure.”

“With some brutal beats and out there vocal stylings, Xombie’s latest album Capital X will shake the dust from your weary bones.”

“Capital X receives a 9/10 album review from Metal Assault”

“Xombie - Rock Bottom Music Video Starring Kimbo Slice Premieres on VICE.com”

“VICE.com to exclusively premiere Xombie's music video for 'Rock Bottom.'”


“Xombie plays CBGB Festival in NYC”

“Xombie supporting Cappadonna of WuTang June 27th at Bar 13 NYC”

L4 Black Door

“Xombie performs at 7th annual NYC Zombie Crawl”

“I saw Xombie in DC last fall and the show was fucking face melting. Rage Against the Machine was and is one of my favorite bands, and Xombie takes that shit to a whole new level. They’re faster and heavier, and the dual lead guitars of Fish and Roy Galvan is reminiscent of Metallica (which is admittedly as bold a statement as one can make). The band never let up and stayed in fifth gear the entire show, skull fucking my ears with their sonic rampage. My neck was sore the next day and that’s how you know you witnessed musical awesomeness.”

“Xombie Selected to Perform at CMJ 2012”


“Xombie supports (HED) PE and Soil at Empire in VA.”


“Xombie featured on the frontpage of Indie on the Move”

“Xombie supports OTEP in NYC”

“Xombie raises $10,866 on Kickstarter for national tour!”

“Xombie signs deal with The3Thirteen Booking agency”

“Xombie added to Pandora Radio”

“Xombie featured on NBC News, Washington Examiner, New Jersey Herald, Cherry Hill Courier Post”

“MTVu Featured Artist / Xombie - "Excuse Me Miss" video featured on TV and web in "The Freshmen" series.”

“Xombie wins "The Break Contest Regional Finals", Xombie moves on to be one of 6 remaining bands out of the initial 938 that entered.”

“Xombie confirmed to play The Bamboozle Festival 2012”

The Break Contest

“High energy and highly aggressive, the quintet features elements of both genres [hip hop and metal], flying V’s, crotch grabbing, hair flinging, and hand gesturing. Hey, can we call this "Nu-Luddism wave"?”

“The main difference for Xombie is that the band is led by a real emcee, who was involved in hip-hop before ever thinking about rock. This gives them a quality we haven't heard that often in the genre.”

“Xombie’s kick-ass high energy live performances are what keep their fans wanting more! With a killer distinct sound that was too massive to be defined by just one lane of music, these “hood metal” pioneers know how to fill a room and get your adrenaline racing. AND they throw one hell of a party!”

“KILLER new band from NYC... Xombie has such a HUGE sound that they had to create a new music genre to fit it called, “hood metal”. Think: Hollywood Undead meets Rage Against The Machine with a twist of Linkin Park. This band is DOPE...”

“Xombie has a kick-ass sound that permeates the streets of NYC with hints of the Sunset Strip vibe”

“Xombie's St. Beautiful video on the front page of contactmusic.com”

“Xombie's "St Beautiful" video featured on BlankTV”


“Xombie's "In da Club" featured download on Absolute Punk”

“Xombie featured on Bloody Disgusting - the world's #1 source for horror”

“Xombie highlighed on wearehunted.com”


“Xombie confirmed to be featured in the November, 2011 print edition of "Underneath" magazine!”

“Xombie - Excuse Me Miss featured as FM102x.com - Alt Mix Song of the Day”