Xerosun / Press

“Next band Xerosun I know turned a few heads, I have been following them for a few years and knew the direction change they had taken. this is a band who are full of power and force. Marcin and Damian as the rhythm section provide skill and power to the songs, Fiachra and Gareth provided the power and melody with the fretwork (including an 8 string guitars!!!) and Martyna provided the talking point of the night. Most people seeing her come on stage were thinking it was more symphonic metal, well how wrong they were. This lady has seriously powerful lungs and a growl from the bowels of hell! Think Arch Enemy,a great set by our Dublin friends!”

“DARKLY INDUSTRIAL DEBUT FROM DUBLIN METAL NEWCOMERS A curious combination of atmospherically intense, at times droning, industrial metal and more traditionally melodic hard rock sensibilities, this brooding, spring heeled debut from Dublin's Xerosun manages to straddle some disparate (though rarely uncommercial) influences to come off as a compelling whole. It's a clever - if not entirely original combination; one that replicates an almost Rammstein-esque sense of claustrophobic portent but rails against it with defiant vocals not a million miles away from Metallica frontman James Hetfield's insolent twang. Indeed, with tracks as hookily brilliant as opener Cut Me Down its difficult not to look past this debut to bigger prospects looming promisingly on the horizon but for now, this'll do just fine. KKK”

Kerrang - Kerrang

“Overall this is a fantastic album. Well put together and delivered. Xerosun are not to be missed and show great potential for their future.”

“A very dark sounding industrial monster...drawn together magnificently, brilliantly done. 5/5”